It looks like American fashion and movie icon Amanda Bynes is finally back on her feet after getting herself into rehab. However, pictures of her looking gloomy and sad are circulating online. is she really okay now? 

Currently in the middle of recovering from rehab, the former child star was spotted in Los Angeles in the middle of the week. posts photos of the 33-year-old star wearing a black tank and a pair of pink shades. In the pictures, she keeps her head down while she holds a shopping bag.

This is not the first time Bynes appears in public since news about her rehabilitation came out. Previously, she was seen with a huge bruise on one thigh.

The actress's lawyer, Tamar Arminak, tells RadarOnline that her client is currently working on her recovery by doing yoga, exercising and "really focusing on herself."

Serious about her recovery from rehab, the actress is said to be so certain this time that she'd focus on herself and be a lot better before leaving the treatment center.

Life at the Sober Living Facility

Bynes is undeniably struggling as she recovers from alcoholism and substance abuse. Reports have it that the female celebrity has committed to her sobriety following a recent deterioration or relapse.

To date, the American star is living in a sober living facility where she confessed having a hard time at first.

Upon completion of her treatment in June, Bynes continued recovery at the facility. Someone close to the star revealed that she was not doing well. Despite the hardships, Bynes committed to the treatment.

The struggle inside the facility was real, but it has changed into something better. While staying at the facility, Bynes, as reported on New York Daily News, hasn't seen any relapse lately. She's not involved in alcohol and drugs either.

The better news is that the celebrity stays focused on her somberness, and she's so positive about everything that's happening at the moment.

Someone close to Byne also shared her friend's stay at the sober living community has helped her recover. Above all, this source happily revealed that the community the former child star has been in lately is bringing a positive influence on her.

Better Life Lies Ahead

There are so many better things ahead for Bynes. Despite what she's gone through in life, there are still people who trust in her ability.

In fact, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise graduate is said to be looking forward to a more promising career after her full recovery: fashion.

Just recently, the "Amanda Show" star applied the phrase "Vintage by Amanda Bynes" for a trademark to be used for fashion, beauty and homing products -- including furniture, jewelry, clothes and household containers.

Bynes is undoubtedly unbelievable, and her positive outlook in life is worthy of admiration. In one of her interviews, she bravely shared she has no fear of the future.

She indeed has gone through the worst in life, but she has survived. 

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