Billionaire Kylie Jenner At It Again: Turns Awkward To Cash!


Another day, another drama in the land of Kardashian-Jenner.

This time, the youngest -- but wealthiest -- member, Kylie Jenner, has received a lot of backlash on social media for applying to trademark a common, everyday phrase we all have been using.

Put simply, Kylie is trying to seize a marketing opportunity.

In an extremely predictable move, the cosmetics billionaire filed the trademark application to cover merchandise using the words “Rise and Shine,” which is about the recent meme she sparked on social media. Once the application has been accepted, it would easily be applied to cosmetics and clothes.

However, there are already other filings for distinctions of the phrase, which means there’s a big chance the application will be rejected.

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Aside from “Rise and Shine,” Kylie also wants to trademark the less formal, “riiise and shiiinnnee.” Jenner’s team has already designed two hoodies with the phrase and Jenner’s face surrounded by a sun.

The hoodies were initially sold at The Kylie Shop. The merchandise was being sold for $65 but have already sold out. The meme came from her recent office tour video that went viral.

On the video, she woke up her one-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, by turning on the light and singing the three simple words, even though the little one was already awake and looking around.

The Instagram mogul’s trademark request had already drawn a lot of backlash on Twitter, ridiculing the business decision as “excessive" given that the word has existed and has been used even before she made it viral.

One Twitter user wrote, “Those ‘Rise and Shine’ videos of Kylie Jenner were funny until she started doing too much by making sweatshirts and now trying to trademark it. Like why can’t she just let it be funny and leave it alone?”

Another person said, “How narcissistic to trademark an expression that was established way before she was even a thought in her mother’s head.”

A user trolled her and wrote, “I just trademarked ‘Good Morning.’”

Another tweeted, “Someone needs to stop them or soon they’ll trademark Sun and Earth.”

Celebrity friends of Jenner are also getting in on the spectacles of the song.

Muley Cyrus shared her own cover of "Rise and Shine" alongside her new boyfriend, Cody Simpson. In the video, one can see the Australian-native strumming the guitar while Cyrus belts out, "Rise and Shine." She captioned the video, "Your new alarm clock."

However, it wasn’t just the Malibu-singer playing along. Ariana Grande also shared a rendition of her own.

Moreover, during a concert in Pasadena, California, singer Lizzo also offered the crowed a cover of her own with a twist.

While everybody is liking the song, there’s one who is simply not a fan of it. On October 18, Jenner shared a video of her daughter dancing slowly to the auto-tuned version of “Rise and Shine.”

In the clip, the young mother asks, “Do you like it?” Stormi then responds, “Daddy sings!”

At least Stormi gets it! 

Here's to hoping that everyone can still use "Rise and Shine" moving forward.

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