[WATCH] Hugh Jackman Back as Wolverine -- Sort Of

Hugh Jackman channeled the inner X-Men in him, as he showed off his iconic Wolverine roar in the middle of his "The Man, The Music, The Show" tour.

In the Mexico City stop of his tour for the movie "The Greatest Showman," the multi-talented actor and producer walked up to a lucky fan to give him a few high fives. The fan, who has apparently waited for one and a half hours, requested Jackman for a selfie with him as Wolverine.

It was definitely worth the wait for the fan, as the actor enthusiastically agreed.

The 51-year-old Jackman took the time to go full Wolverine in front of the said fan. He roared at the fan's phone, mimicking the trademark actions of his Marvel persona.

The drumsticks he held in his hand made it appear as if he was actually wearing his character's claws. It was a selfie like no other, as Jackman took the phone of his fan and embraced his Wolverine persona once more. The star hugged the man afterwards, once again proving why he deserves the love, support and respect given to him not only as an actor but also as a full-package performer.

After officially leaving the Wolverine role in 2017, Jackman certainly made lots of people happy when he showed he didn't forget the role and was, in fact, ecstatic to act like the character again.

News 18 reported that the event in Mexico City was the last one for Jackman's current music tour. "The Man, The Music, The Show" kicked off in 2018, taking the Wolverine actor to Europe, America and Oceania. The concert tour showcased songs from "The Greatest Showman," "Les Miserables" and Broadway, as well as Hollywood musical numbers.

Aside from the musical, Jackman has been busy in recent months with the filming of "The Good Spy" and "Reminisce," which are most likely to be released in 2020.

Jackman has stayed within the circle of the geek society through social media, perpetrating a "feud" with "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds. Jackman recently shared a video of Reynolds taste-testing his coffee.

Hugh Jackman was best known for his role as X-Men's Wolverine from the year 2000 up to 2017, when he last played the role in the film "Logan." Because of this, he was given a Guinness World Record for having the longest career as a live-action superhero.

Jackman, an accomplished performer of musical theatre, is also a Tony, Emmy and Grammy winner. All he now needs is an Oscar, which is the highest bar to clear for him to achieve the grand slam and become an EGOT (and currently, there are only 15 people who have achieved the feat).

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