[VIDEO] Nick Jonas Sexually Violated By Fan During Concert

Singer Nick Jonas had a horrifying mid-concert experience when he was groped by one of his fans in the middle of a Jonas Brothers concert.

The Jonas Brothers were at the Hollywood Bowl in LA as part of their "Happiness Begins Tour" when the incident happened. Based on the video circulating online, it was in the middle of the trio's "Only Human" performance when suddenly, a fan reached out onto the stage and grabbed 27-year-old Nick by the legs and stroked his bum and crotch.

A Nick Jonas fan account posted the footage with the caption calling out the disrespect that was received by the artist.

Other fans also showed support to Nick, showing their disgust and disappointment at the person in the video.

As seen in the footage, someone was rubbing Nick's leg while the latter was singing. The person was also trying to grab his bum, and later reached up towards his crotch. An event personnel can also be seen trying to stop the rude fan since the beginning, but to no avail.

Upon noticing what was happening, Nick swatted the person's hand away and turned around to confront them. Nick then proceeded with his performance as if nothing happened. His brothers Joe and Kevin didn't seem to have noticed the said incident.

After their six-year hiatus (which allowed for them to focus on their solo careers), the Jonas Brothers marked their grand comeback with the "Happiness Begins Tour."

It serves as their promotion concert for their latest studio album, "Happiness Begins." The tour kicked off August in Miami and is set for finale in Paris on February of the following year.

Sexual harassment incidents to performers and other artists are not new to the ears of the people.

In a recent event, another singer, Maggie Rogers, has also experienced sexual harassment during her on-stage performance.

The 25-year-old was in the middle of her promotions for debut album "Heard It in a Past Life" when a man from the audience shouted and demanded her to take her top off. It was followed by another man who shouted, "you cute though."

The artist expressed her disappointment through Twitter. In her statement, she said that her body is her greatest tool in communicating her work as a musician. She wanted people to acknowledge her concert as a safe place for her and her fan community -- a place that would allow for a sense of relief and trust.

Every fan has his or her own way of showing "love" and "affection" for their favorite artists, but there will always be a border that supporters should learn not to cross over.

Violating a person's personal right is not within the definition of a fan. Performers -- and everyone, for the matter -- do not deserve such awful treatment. Fans need to show respect to their idols, in the same way that fans should give respect to every other fan out there - even those that are not within their fandom circle.

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