Top Beauty Tips From Celebrities Removing Stretch Marks

Celebrities often go through body transformations for the different roles they play. However, celebrity or not, stretch marks can appear as the skin's elasticity changes between weight loss and weight gain.

Even top stars like Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford and Shakira, as well as socialites like Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian all have their stripes.

Whether you are trying to build up mass, trim your shape, or going through pregnancy, chances are big that you will get stretch marks. So, how to cope?

Cosmetic Dermatologist Treatment

Kim Kardashian West recently took to Snapchat and honestly opened up to fans about getting her stretch marks removed through cosmetic procedures by Dr. Simon Ourian, who also fixed Kylie Jenner's lip fillers.

Kardashian West revealed that she was initially scared, but the procedure did not hurt as bad as she thought. E! News reported that the procedure cost the beauty mogul between $2,900 and $4,900 per area.

Use Moisturizer Religiously

Celebrity dermatologist Dendy Engelmann, MD recommended moisturizing your skin especially on areas prone to stretch marks. While Engelmann suggested laser therapy in the early stages of stretch marks, she advised pregnant women to stick to a moisturizer regimen instead.

However, she warned pregnant women to steer clear of vitamin A derivatives during pregnancy. She listed retidnoids, retinoil, salicylic acid and hydroquinone as ingredients to avoid when pregnant to avoid risks of birth defects.

Treat Stretch Marks Immediately

Engelmann also said that she avoided stretch marks during pregnancy by applying topical treatment right away, especially in the later trimesters.

She recommended using silicone gel treatment to prevent stretch marks and apply it on areas where the tiger stripes are starting to appear.

Highly-Recommended Topical Treatments

(Photo : Photo by Tetyana Naturals on Amazon)

1. Tetyana Naturals Advanced Scar Removal Skin Repair Cream

This scar removal cream is made with natural ingredients and herbal extracts. It is free of harsh chemicals and works to deeply heal and lighten scars resulting from stretch marks.

It is incredibly nourishing on all skin types, including dry, combination, normal and sensitive skin.

Satisfied reviewers raved about how it lightens stretch marks. One mother of a 10-year-old said that it worked on her decade-old stretch marks from pregnancy.

(Photo : Photo by Aroamas on Amazon)

2. Aroamas Advanced Scar Gel for Stretch Marks

Silicone gel is deemed safe and effective to use as treatment for scars from acne, surger, and even stretch marks. Medical-grade silicone is clinically-proven to work on old and new scars, as well as for those with sensitive skin.

A satisfied customer rated the product a 5-star recommendation, saying she could tell a noticeable difference in just one week. Topical treatments like silicone gels normally take 3-6 months of treatment to diminish stretch marks.

The best thing about this treatment is you can apply sunscreen and makeup over it once it dries.

(Photo : Photo by Aroamas on Amazon)

3. Aroamas Professional Silicone Scar Strips

Scar sheeting is a great addition to your beauty routine. You can apply the scar sheets with adhesive on your skin while you sleep. It is safe to use for those with skin sensitivity issues.

These silicone strips work to improve the overall color, size and appearance of stretch marks and other hypertrophic scars, including those from C-section surgery. It can be used together with Aroamas Silicone Gel for faster results.

Reviewers noted how quickly they began to see results, seeing smoother and lighter stretch marks. One woman who was 37 weeks pregnant at the time of her review shared about how the silicone sheets helped her stretch marks fade away! Another used the product for stretch mark removal after a recommendation from her husband who used it to remove his scar.

4. TCM Scar Removal Gel Ointment

This formulation penetrates deep into the skin to soften scar tissues that result in stretch marks. It also helps brighten skin in as early as 60 days of use. The formulation is infused with ginseng, glycerin and other natural ingredients that will not irritate the skin.

It can be used both on the body and the face. Reviewers say it worked fast to heal their stretch marks and started seeing noticeable improvements in the first month.

5. Bio-Oil Multi-Use Skincare Oil

This skincare oil is non-greasy and safe to use on uneven skin tone and dry skin, as well as on scars like stretch marks. It can be used on sensitive skin as well as during puberty and pregnancy.

It helps reduce itchiness with its formulation of vitamins, oils and plant extract. Satisfied customers have used it as a moisturizer for their face and body. It has also helped people prone to stretch marks to get rid of their tiger stripes.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of scars is a personal decision. While we are all about spreading body-positivity and embracing your battle scars, we are also in support of those who want to remove their stretch marks.

These beauty tips may help many gain self-confidence they may have lost by having stretch marks.

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