CONFIRMED! Vanessa Hudgens to Return for Sequel of Hit Netflix Film

Vanessa Hudgens

Christmas is fast approaching and there's no other way to celebrate the holidays with your closest friends and family, with a warm cup of hot chocolate to indulge to, and some great Christmas movies you can enjoy in your Christmas pyjamas. 

If you're planning to snuggle your way in your warm sheets and watch Christmas movies on Christmas Eve, then this could be exciting news for you. Remember Vanessa Hudgens' double-take, The Princess Switch? It's having a sequel-- The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

Now a lot of you might be excited about the Netflix Christmas movie (I mean, who doesn't? It's Vanessa Hudgens!). Last year, Vanessa took on two roles in the movie: Stacy, the "common" baker from Chicago, and Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro. The two met in a fictional country of Belgravia and found themselves switched in each other's lives, even falling in love with men in each other's lives! Stacy fell in love with a handsome prince, while Margaret fell in love with a single, super hot dad. By looks of it, it may be a win-win situation for both girls, but that is after the two guys discovered they have been lying since then.

Just like in our real world today, happily ever afters do not always last long. In Netflix's See What's Next official Twitter account, the sequel revolves around for a troublesome story between Duchess Margaret and Kevin. 

In the tweet, it revealed that the sequel will unexpectedly inherit the throne and goes on the rocks and rough time with Kevin. It is now up to Stacy to save Margaret's situation before a new lookalike character, who was revealed to be a party girl named Fiona, steps in and ruins the plan. 

With the tweet being the official news release of the sequel, it only means that Vanessa will be up for a third role as well. The High School Musical princess will not only be starring a new role, but she's also the one who will produce the Christmas film.

With all this sequel hype going on, Vanessa stuns each fan she has for conquering three roles. And not only that, she's not only doing TPS, but she will also be starring in The Knight Before Christmas as a love-disillusioned science teacher who meets a cursed medieval knight who needs to get back in his own time.

There is still no official date of when TSP is going to be released, but The Knight Before Christmas will be streamed on November 21. 

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