Piers Morgan Slams Liam Payne For 'Ridiculous' HUGO Advertisement

"Good Morning Britain" presenter Piers Morgan didn't have a "good morning" after seeing Liam Payne's promotional video and photos for HUGO's newest campaign.

Morgan strongly commented about the whole campaign and called it "ridiculous."

The 54-year-old presenter, together with the other GMB hosts, reviewed the video and pictures on-air. They started giving their opinion one by one, with Morgan throwing the most shades to the former One Direction member. He also mentioned that even Payne's mother did not like it.

"You know what, if a female star was doing this I'd say "put your clothes on love" and I'm saying the same exact thing to Liam Payne," Morgan said in disbelief.

The team also mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo and compared him to Payne, stating that the infamous Portuguese footballer would not do something so ridiculous. Morgan followed his statement by directly and repeatedly saying that the video was ridiculous.

Far from what the senior presenter knew though, Ronaldo also stripped down for CR7 -- the footballer's clothing brand -- and Altice, a US-based group of brands.

"A little bit too much of One Direction there," the group almost said in chorus.

"Ridiculous" Photoshoot

Earlier last June, Liam signed a two-year contract with HUGO. One of his first projects for the Liam Payne x HUGO partnership, however, literally made him to "Strip That Down".

Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell joined him in front of the camera and posed for the sizzling hot photographs and ptomotional video.

Despite signing a partnership with HUGO, Payne admitted that he was clueless that the photoshoot was going to be almost sexually explicit to the point that it's already a "softcore porn".

What made the shoot more intimate was the involvement of tequila, which ledthem to stripping more clothes than what they expected. However, the singer also revealed that he has been preparing for that kind of project.

"Before we landed the deal with Hugo, I'd gone into my gym and said, 'I'm going to get an underwear commercial.' I just wanted to do it; I knew I could do it. And then it actually happened! And I worked my ass off and I'm still hitting the gym: I didn't realize once you get on that thing you can't really turn it off," Liam told GQ about the shoot.

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