After Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Makes Peace with The Weeknd

It seems like Selena Gomez is really moving forward in her life. After all, she has followed supermodel Bella Hadid on Instagram again. So after Justin Bieber, is she ready to leave The Weeknd in the past too? Why not! 

Selena has been on a cold war with Bella Hadid for nearly two years. The reason? The Weeknd! 

The two celebrities unfollowed each other way back in 2017 when the two were in romance with singer The Weeknd almost at the same time. 

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd lasted four years before they broke up in early 2017. Soon after the two broke up, Selena was spotted with the singer-rapper being "too couply" in public.

When Selena and The Weeknd confirmed the dating rumors to be true, Bella unfollowed Selena on social media. Things have been more complicated when fans and media sparked speculations that Selena used The Weeknd as a rebound to her ex and first love, Justin Bieber.

The rumors were slightly confirmed when her relationship with The Weeknd did not last long and the two eventually called quits in October 2017. They only dated for months, and soon after, Bella got back with The Weeknd and regained her place in his life until they broke up for good last summer.

With having that much beef, it is no longer shocking that the two unfollowed each other on social media. 

Selena On Her New Chapter In Life

Now, people took notice of Selena following Bella again. In fact, she also followed Bella's sister Gigi Hadid!

It looks like Selena is pretty serious about moving forward and leaving her past behind. Clearly, she is starting to fix things and make ammends with those she has a feaud.

In Selena's recent interviews on magazines and shows, the singer has been sharing a lot about moving forward with no grudges, self-love, self-care and closing another chapter in her life.

Reaching out to Bella after their feud is a very strong and mature move for Selena to make, and her fans are certainly proud of her for it. 

Everyone is keen for Bella to make the next move and follow Selena back, but after what happened in the past, she might need some time to think things over. Besides, if you are a very busy and in-demand model just like Bella, we bet it is hard to keep up with so many followers on social media. 

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