Adele has been known for the heart-wrenching lyrics of her songs and her strong vocal prowess. And although she has received countless comments about her weight, the singer never really gave in to the temptation. For as long as it did not get in the way of her music, she did not care about what others say. 

And yet when she came to Drake's birthday celebration, Adele noticeably had a slimmer figure. She was a lot thinner. Rumors say that she's got her eyes on a breakthrough film that will introduce her to the Hollywood big screen.

Alongside friends Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, rumors claim that these two are helping Adele get to the movies like she has always wanted. 

The tabloids have quoted a close friend of the singer, saying that Adele has always had her eyes on the big screen. The insider claims that Adele loved making music videos because she considers them mini-movies. The same friend said that Adele wants to pursue a career in acting, especially now that she has a lot of time for herself. The Skyfall singer has called it quits with ex-husband, Simon Konecki.

However, evidence to back-up the claims is yet to be presented. This is another example of how tabloids create a narrative involving big celebrity names that happen to be good friends off the camera. In fact, late last year, Adele confirmed that she was working on another album.

Although there is still no release date, some reports say that it might be dropped just before Christmas this year. 

It is also likely that the singer will be embarking on a world tour to promote her album. This tour will likely fill up the months in the coming year. Her schedule will, then, be too busy to even think of a Hollywood acting career. 

Did Adele ever think of asking her two good friends -- Lawrence and Stone -- for help to get into the big screen? She has been rumored to want to venture into acting, but there is no truth to it.

If ever she does decide to try her hand on Hollywood acting, Adele will not really be needing any help to land a role. Despite knowing little about acting, Adele will not really be a newbie in front of the cameras. Her touching music videos should be a testament that she can make fans feel anything when she puts her heart into it. 

Her significant weight loss has triggered these Hollywood dream rumors back. People assumed that she tried to lose weight because she wants to look great before the cameras. But her fans have loved Adele for the one thing about her that's different: her truthfulness. Every song she released brought her closer to the hearts of many. And if she ever decides to try her hand out in acting for the Hollywood screen, her friends and fans would surely cheer her on. 

The weight loss, however, is not for any role in the movies. It is for Adele alone, simply because being healthy makes her happy. 

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