Jennifer Aniston brought back Rachel Green as she delivered her acceptance speech during the People's Choice Awards.

Adam Sandler acknowledged his "Just Go with It" co-star with the most welcoming speech during the event after Aniston bagged the People's Icon Award.

The "Murder Mystery" actress went up on the stage and said kind words back to Sandler and asked him when he got "so mushy" before telling the world how much she loves the actor.

After giving her compliments for Sandler, Jennifer continued in acknowledging her award and turned her emotional speech into a playful one, as well.

Aniston started to explain how People's Choice became so special for her before explaining her motivation in acting and improving her cract -- not for the critics, audiences, or even for her family.

"You know, we do this for the money," Aniston jokingly said.

Jen then got serious when she thanked her fans and supporters for being "so good to her" for the past years. Aniston also said that actors and actresses would not be able to act if it were not for the fans.

The audience then went wild when Aniston remembered the infamous television show "Friends" and her co-stars.

The "The Morning Show" host correlated her People's Icon awards to "Friends" with its iconic cast and iconic haircut.

Aniston considered the show as a "gift of a lifetime" and ended her speech by still mentioning the show.

"I would not be standing up here without that amazing show, without those amazing five other actors and with an audience who stuck with us for a decade," Aniston added.

"Friends" Cast Are Coming Back Together?

During her appearance at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Jennifer repeated that a "Friends" reboot is not possible. Instead, the cast is preparing for something else -- though they still did not know what that something is.

The "Friends" reunion became the talk of the town after Aniston shared a photo of her co-stars hanging out as her first Instagram post. She explained that they just missed each other and the main reason for the get-together was because "they are all in the same part of the world."

Whether it is a movie, series, or something else, fans cannot still hide their excitement towards Aniston's plans.

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