'Bullied' Prince Harry Gets Surprising Support From Another Royalty

Looks like not all royals is against and has beef with Prince Harry after his controversial documentary with his wife Meghan Markle. 

Prince Harry's complaints about media coverage and the need to be in public at all cost because of his public role and figure are definitely against what the Royal family expects him. However, Prince Albert of Monaco, he fully understands where the Duke of Sussex is coming from.

In an exclusive interview with People, Prince Albert acknowledged Harry's legal action and honest opinion in his comments in a recent documentary. Prince Alberts mentioned how he "understands" Prince Harry's reasons for doing such act in national TV.

In early November, Prince Albert had the chance to meet with Prince Harry privately when they attended the World Cup Rugby final in Japan. He talked with Prince Harry and expressed his support and sympathy to the duke and his wife Meghan Markle

The past weeks have been very tough for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after receiving heavy criticisms not only from the public but also from the Royal Family. Now, in ther brief talk, Prince Albert revealed that Prince Harry told him he feels feels "bullied." 

Prince Albert deeply sympathized with Prince Harry about his struggles. While they did not talk much about Harry's personal problems and instead focused on environment-related issues, Prince Albert managed to offer his advice to the Duke of Sussex.

"We didn't talk about it that much, because we talked about environment-related issues - and the rugby too - but I sympathized with him, saying, 'Just do what you have to do to ensure your privacy,'" Prince Albert said.

The Monaco royalty also emphasized to Prince Harry that they sometimes "just have to ignore it and move on." He noted that it is sometimes better to "ignore whoever is out there that is being too inquisitive or too hard" on them.

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle have always had good media relations, but Prince Albert suggests that they should not give that much attention to them.

Protecting a personal life can be very hard especially for a public figure like Prince Harry. Coming from a Royal family, it makes it three times harder. However, it is never wrong to put your personal life and your family's privacy first before everything else despite having a lot of other stuff to attend to.

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