Kim Kardashian Launches Perfect Boob Tape After Years Of Using Duct Tape

Everyone knows how exquisite Kim Kardashian's figure is, and her beauty and fashion tips are to-die-for.

Just recently, the 39-year old "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" star released her new item on her SKIMS clothing line, so get ready for some good news.

In the latest SKIMS launch, Kim Kardashian-West revealed her perfect solution for a cleavage hack that she has been using and talking about for years. Kim revealed her using tapes when lifting her boobs for revealing-cleavage dresses and outfits.

The beauty mogul has been talking about this hack since forever and she admitted that she used duct tape and gaffer's tape to lift her boobs underneath a plunging outfit. But now, on her new SKIMS collection, she created a more comfortable and sophisticated version of her boob tapes.

Just recently in one of her Instagram stories, Kim shared how excited she was as she announced her launch for her boob tapes. The star made three different tape shades of nudes. She calls it "body tape" instead of "boob tape," however.

Kim further explained that most boob tape only comes in one shade, so she made sure she made three nude shades for every woman of color. She also mentioned that she has been working on these tapes for a long time now and she has never seen any boob tapes that have different shades to offer.

In another clip, Kim explained that when she started using the tapes, she would prefer to use gaffer's tape -- which she finds "very uncomfortable." However, for her newly launched SKIMS body tapes, the material is way better than the gaffer's tape, and the material is super soft and stretchy (but not too stretchy, since it is supposed to hold the boobs up).

Way back when Kim was still using different tapes for a boob lift, she complains it sometimes tears off her skin when she removes it. That is why when she made her body tapes, comfort was her top priority.

Kim added that the material is perfect to wear because it does not rip your skin off like gaffer's tape do. 

Aside from the body tapes, Kim will also be launching nipple tapes that have the same shades as her body tapes. The KUWTK star perfected the nipple tape shape, saying that once you put it on you, a little padding will support your nipple and will make it invisible and cannot be seen through any clothing material.

The nipple tape has a teardrop shape that gives a mini boob lift effect without being too lifted as the tape can be. 

Kim's tape secret has not been really made a secret since she shared her boob hack way back in 2016, when she posted a topless photo of her covered with duct tape. 

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