Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Trying to Boost Their Public Image With This!

What is the baby wearing? Although this is not the first question people ask whenever the royals are out and about, it definitely helps make a statement. When the royal family is making an appearance as part of a tour, what the baby wears suddenly becomes of interest. 

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the first-born child to royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has barely been seen in public since he was born on May 6. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have heavily protected him from the fierce attention of the media.

However, at the end of their tour in South Africa, Prince Archie was brought along as his parents meet with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in his first royal engagement.

For the occasion, the royal family was all wearing shades of blue. It is an effective styling trick they must have learned from the Cambridge family. The royal family used it to create harmonious pictures where they are all seen together.

Prince Archie, in that royal engagement, was wearing an H&M -- a high street retailer. His outfit was perhaps one of the more creative ways in the attempt of the royal couple to realign their image to the public. 

After receiving negative commentaries of their jet gates and couture, the couple started to become more careful of their wardrobe choices. They did not want people to think they were too extravagant. The goal now was to be "one with the people" and they made this strategy come into play when they chose what to dress Prince Archie with. 

Beyond this, the outfit that Prince Archie was wearing could help deduce the couple's overall take on parenting. While Archie's dungarees were rather cheap yet cheerful, it is still part of the conscious collection of the brand. It is made from organic cotton, one of H&M's products that are focused on sustainability. 

Even before Prince Archie was born, there was much discussion around the parenting style the Sussexes will take on raising Archie. Their 'woke' crowd could heavily influence their parenting style. They could make him wear eco-friendly fabrics, keep an organic-only diet, and make him wear clothing that supports a charitable cause. 

How they dress their children says a lot about the message that the royals want to send to the public. It might take a while before the royal couple brings Prince Archie out and about, but the image of them leaves one message clear: They are a happy family much like yours.  

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