Hilary Clinton came to know about Meghan Markle through a letter. The 11-year-old Meg sent then-first lady a letter seeking change.

It was about a sexist soap commercial that made a chore seem like a woman's job alone. Meg was successful in her attempt and Hilary never forgot that little girl since.

Markle grew up a feminist and was aware of the injustice happening in the world. But nothing could prepare her for the injustice that she would go through in the hands of the British tabloids.

Being married to Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex admitted it is a difficult transition to make. What makes it hardest is suffering racial discrimination that even her infant son has already been a target of.

A Shoulder to Lean On

Duchess Meghan has received overwhelming support amidst the backlash against her. Not even the harsh words of Piers Morgan could bring her down ultimately.

Why? A lot of influential women have shown their support for the Duchess. Female members of parliament made it known publicly that they will seek to put an end to such media scrutiny towards her.

Hilary Offers a Hug

Now, the former first lady and senator Hilary Clinton shows her empathy, too.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Clinton gave advice to Markle encouraging her not to let the bad guys defeat her and to keep doing what she thinks is right.

Hilary shared that as a mother and a grandmother, she understands what Meghan is going through. She starts by saying she wants to put her arms around Meg and hug her.

Clinton also shares how she had to have a "skin like the hide of a rhinoceros" as she herself faced a lot of flak.

The way Hilary sees it, Meghan is a woman who has made her own way in the world and falls in love. Everybody should be celebrating a truly love story, shares Clinton.

However, Clinton believes that Markle will learn the right techniques to solve her woes. She advised humor and some deflection may help Meg along the way. But, she understands what a tough situation Meg is in.

More Than Just Talk

Hilary Clinton kept her word when she visited Meghan at Frogmore Cottage.

Meg invited her after the interview. They did hug each other and Hilary was even able to cuddle Baby Archie who was there, too. Hilary was both mum and grandmum to the mother-and-child when she visited.

Hopefully, Clinton shared tender encouragement and advise during her visit. It was exactly what Meghan hoped to have. In her ITV documentary, Meg revealed that not many people asked if she was ok. Now, very important people not just ask, but reach out as well.

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