Kim Kardashian just let Khloe Kardashian get involved in her feud with their eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

In the recent clip posted on the official channel of "Keeping Up with The Kardashians," both Kim and Kourtney called their sister Khloe to narrate the argument they had when they tried to plan the double birthday party for their daughters.

Before coming into a clothing store, the two argued over the treats to be served for the Candy Land-themed party for North West and Penelope Disick.

Kourtney is known for her healthy lifestyle, and she wanted them to look for alternatives instead. Meanwhile, Kim wanted to push for the usual candies since they made the party for the kids and not to promote Kourtney's "healthy brand."

Kim softly talked to Khloe on the phone and told her that Kourtney wanted a Candy Land-themed party but did not want to serve candies.

"I don't even know what to do. She is just so not my vibe," the KKW mogul ranted.

Right after she dropped the call, Khloe received another call from Kourtney and learned about the argument, which, she never wanted to drag herself to in the first place.

Khloe called the situation ironic since the last time the two fought, Kourtney called her "a meddler and pot-stirrer" and questioned her for always being in the middle.

"I'm literally as far out of the way as I can but they are both calling me and texting me, and giving me all this information and putting me in the middle of their fight," Khloe said before saying that she did not want potatoes to be thrown at her anymore.

Khloe also mentioned that she noticed Kim and Kourtney always fight over something too much -- and it is annoying her at some point, too.

"I mean, don't have a f*cking Candy Land party if you're gonna want like sugar-free candies," Khloe blurted out.

Recently, Kim and Kourtney showed that their relationship as sisters was on the rocks during the People's Choice Awards' red carpet event.

E! News reporter Giuliana Ranciv asked the family to "break down" their looks and the designers they wore, and the interruption after interruption between Kim and Kourtney started.

The two also faced massive misunderstandings when Kim called Kourtney's attention for not understanding her legwork and for trying to copy her style.

Whatever Kim and Kourtney have in the future, Khloe made sure that she does not want to be in the middle of the two anymore.

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