4 Hair Ties That Can Protect Your Hair Texture - Velvet Elastic Schrunchies and More

Hair ties -- oh how we need them during workouts and on hot, unbearable days. But we do not necessarily like the way hair ties get our hair all tangled up.

Worse, some hair ties can pull at our hair strands and cause hair fall and split ends. With chemically treated or straightened hair, damage from hair ties could be worse.

Furthermore, hair ties are doing no good for those who are trying to grow their hair longer. Damage to the hair shaft can cause dull and lifeless hair which can slow down growth.

The perfect hair tie to keep your hair texture should wrap around your hair without putting strain on your ponytail.

Now, we set out to find four hair ties that work. Dive in.

1. Chloven Velvet Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies made a comeback when Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez started the trend. It is a great trend to wear both for style and function.

Scrunchies are great at preventing kinks in the hair and is best for chemically-treated hair. It will not pull at your roots causing headaches. It also prevents hair loss and thinning.

We love these velvet scrunchies which are oh-so-soft and elegant-looking. These scrunchies by Chloven will not damage the hair.

45 Pieces of Assorted Colors Velvet Scrunchies
(Photo : Photo by Chloven on Amazon)

There are 45 scrunchies in an assortment of colors in one pack. You can choose the perfect scrunchie color for your daily pony, as well as for special occasions. A single pack comes with a lot of regal colors. Soft, easy-to-wear, and even share!

2. Silk Elastic Hair Ties

If you have really thin and limp hair, get your ponytail up high with silk elastic.

Silk bands glide on the hair to prevent breakage. Make sure you wrap it around your hair a few times to prevent it slipping.

3. Invisibobble

A clear hair tie can be worn underneath a silk ribbon or any other hair accessory. This hair tie is made of non-porous artificial resin and can be used during sweaty sessions at the gym or even when you go on a dip in the pool.

The telephone cord design of this type of hair tie also prevents a ponytail line, which is dreaded by those with chemically-straightened hair.

4. Cyndibands

These elastic ribbons are what you need for a posh bun without a nasty headache. Cyndibands are gentle on the hair and will not snag.

There are colors available for different hair shades, including blonde for an effortless hairstyle.

Wrap Up

Hot tools are not the only things damaging your hair. The accessories you use to keep your hairstyle put together may be damaging your hair.

With the right velvet scrunchie or other snag-free hair tie, you no longer have to worry about damaging your hair. One last thing, keep in mind not to tie your hair too tight if you do not want to suffer further hair loss.

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