5 Best Bath Bombs For A Really Good and Relaxing Soak

There is nothing more relaxing than a luxurious bath after a long tiring day. However, at the end of your every day, it is up to you whether you will reward yourself with a bath that can get you clean or a bath that can also heal you in the inside.

Recharging your body through bathing is no longer as artless and boring as you think it is. Not so long ago, #BathBombing tags stormed the internet along with videos showing colorful, fragrant balls being thrown into bathtubs before they liquefy and produce colors and scents in your bathwater.

These bath bombs immediately conquered the internet and became one of the hottest trends. Good thing we found the best brand for the best bath bombs ever!

What Are LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs?

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LifeAround2AroundAngels' bath bombs can take your bathing experience in a whole new level. They come in different designs, usually molded into a circle and become bubbly once they come in contact with water.

They offer a set with 12 exceptionally handcrafted bath bombs scents, namely Black Raspberry Vanilla, Fun in the Shower, Fun on the Beach, Kiwi & Strawberry, Lavender, Lemongrass Green Tea, Love, Mango Papaya, Melon Ball, Shea & Coconut and Victorian Rose.

What made the brand unique among the other bath bomb brands is that all 12 scents are freshly manufactured in California, U.S.A using natural ingredients and colors which will not stain your tub!

Out of 12, we picked the five LifeAround2AroundAngels most used and most rated fragrances. Happy bathing!

(Photo : LifeAround2Angels - AMAZON)

LifeAround2AroundAngels' "ANGEL" Bath Bomb

If you want the most feminine aroma they have, we recommend Angel bath bomb for you.

It releases gastronome-like aroma combined with succulent rich details of lemon, raspberry, honeydew melon and black currants. It also has middle notes of jasmine, gardenia and nutmeg.

Completing its exceptional trail are weak notes of white chocolate, musk, sandalwood and patchouli.

LifeAround2AroundAngels' "LOVE" Bath Bomb

Calling all flora fans out there!

"Love" bath bomb is a blend of showering lilac which sunnily blooms with beautiful shoots of rose and lily. It is like a scented oil you would like to fill your room with during summertime!

LifeAround2AroundAngels' "FUN IN THE SHOWER" Bath Bomb

Feed your body with a burst of fresh and juicy balance aromas of orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla. "Fun in The Shower" bath bomb uses citrus fragrance that blasts away the day's worries.

As an addition, it leaves you wrapped in a cozy and comforting summer-scented hug.

LifeAround2AroundAngels' "FUN ON THE BEACH" Bath Bomb

This tropical and citrus blend soaks you in a rich dose of hydration while turning your skin smoothly with touches of pineapple, grapefruit, and orange that can calm and relieve your feeling.

If you are a die-hard fan of beach's breeze, be sure to pick this edition of bath bomb up before it rings away.

LifeAround2AroundAngels' "Shea & Coconut" Bath Bomb

Indulge yourself with fresh shavings of delicate coconut blend with sensual sandalwood tang. This bath bomb also features the fragrance of soft and creamy shea butter that can relax your soul.

You can keep on trying LifeAround2AroundAngels bath bombs until you find the perfect combination for you. Or maybe at the end of the day, you will find all the products worthy to be present beside your beloved bathtub.

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