It takes a series of torrid hurdles before someone can be deserving of the throne, and Queen Elizabeth II's way to deal with all the issues during her reign made her even more remarkable.

Prince William, amid all the controversies surrounding the Royal Family, found the best option to provide the best "welcome boost" for the Queen.

Together with his wife Kate Middleton, they appeared on a festive food-themed episode of BBC1 Christmas special with food writer and TV cook Mary Berry. The Duke of Cambridge spoke to Mary about how he looked up to the Queen, who started to reign the monarchy at a very young age.

In February 1952, the then-25 Princess Elizabeth became Britain's Queen after her father King George VI lost his battle against lung cancer at the age of 56. The Royal Family held the official coronation ceremony after one year, during which more than 3 million people lined up from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace to show their support to the new Queen.

Due to this sudden transition, Prince William compared the time of the passing of the throne as a "man's world" since Her Royal Highness already faced difficulties and drawbacks as soon as she sat on the throne.

Nonetheless, the Duke of Cambridge still acknowledged how his grandmother made a difference in her own "unique and distinct way."

"And, you know, my grandmother and my grandfather together are the epitome of public service," Prince William continued commending the heads of the monarchy.

Queen's 67 Years Worth of Achievements 

The longest-reigning queen in the history of the British monarchy surely accomplished so much over her 67 years of responding to her royal duties.

In 1957, five years after she officially became the Queen, Her Royal Highness transformed the monarchy into a modernized one. She ordered to televise the Palace's annual Christmas broadcast for the first time. The event opened the doors for the royal watchers to see the royal family differently -- from being outmoded to modern.

From the year they hailed her until today, the Queen visited over 116 countries for goodwill tours and other charity-related works.

Moreover, she never snubbed communications being sent to the palace. So far, Queen Elizabeth II already answered around 3.5 million correspondences and even sent out Christmas cards and cards for couples' anniversary days.

The 1992 Annus Horribilis

Like most forms of government, Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchy went through "downs," too.

During the 40th anniversary (ruby jubilee) of her succession in 1992, Her Highness announced that the royal family experienced the worst in the same year.

"1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure," Queen Elizabeth II statedShe then referred to it as "Annus Horribilis" -- a Latin phrase which means "horrible year".

Aside from the sudden fire that broke out in Windsor Castle just 4 days before her ruby jubilee, the royal family's reputation about being a real-life fairytale got ruined after the announcement of splits after splits.

Princess Anne, Her Majesty's second child, and Captain Mark Phillips finalized their divorce. Prince Andrew followed the "routine" and announced his split with Sarah Ferguson.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Princess Diana also got separated in the same year.

The monarchy could have collapsed then, but Queen Elizabeth II braved the issues and stood for the monarchy herself, proving that she is one of a kind.

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