Who told you that you can only have beach waves during the summer?

Out of all "curly" styles you can do with your hair, this fashion trend can help you look more carefree and more beautiful - no beach trip required! People who want to look sexier when they are on their bikinis opt to style their hair with so-called beach waves style. 

We know that styling your hair like this is a hassle most especially when it is winter and you cannot even grip your styling tool so hard. But with our top 5 tools, we can assure you that styling your hair will never be so hard anymore that you will want to use it anytime! 

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves Generation II

(Photo : Bed Head)

Aiming to be that mermaid girl who can turn heads? Your dream is now just a plug away!

Bed Head Waver gives you everything that they promise. It can provide you unique sculpted waves you can flaunt even during winter. If you think that all styling tools can easily dry up your hair, well, it is time to let this product change your mind. Its 2X tourmaline ceramic technology can tame your frizzy hair while it adds more shine for you.

One of its most unique features, Auto Shut-off, guarantees safety as you turn your boring, straight hair into a mermaid-like one! 

CoFashion Curling Iron 3 Barrel Jumbo Ceramic Curling Iron Wand Hair Curler

(Photo : CoFashion)

This tool can turn into a magic wand as it can create natural beachy waves using its 3-barrel crimper iron!

CoFashion Curling Iron is proven safe since it negatively charged irons which creates your shiny beach waves without drying your hair. You can also choose a temperature and decide whether if it is too cold or too hot for you! This waver heats up really fast up to 230℃ in just 6-15 seconds to help you save your time and energy!

Not only it is lightweight and travel-ready for yourself, but CoFashion created this piece dual voltage-ready so you can also send this as a gift to anyone in the world. 

Be Professional 2-in-1 Waver

(Photo : Be.Professional)

Avail two styling experience just by purchasing one! 

Be Professional 2-in-1 Waver features a curler and a waver in one so you can achieve either massive curls or natural, bouncy beach waves depending on your mood. Its temperature setter can also help you distribute the heat on your hair for safe styling. As a plus, they included a pair of protective gloves to protect your hands from its ultra-effective surface!

Moreover, the barrels are all thermolon-coated, a water-based compound for a smoother coating. The coating also ensures that your wand is safe from stains forever.  

Revlon Salon Deep Hair Waver for Long Lasting Waves

(Photo : Revlon)

Styling your hair should not be as expensive as they are now. Good thing Revlon made something that fits your budget.

Whatever style you want - waves, curls, straight locks -- Revlon Hair Tools got your back. Their lightweight product is designed for perfectly crafted waves while helping you reduce frizz and lock shine with its Tourmaline Ceramic. It also has multiple heat settings that make it possible for you to adjust its heat during summer.

Lastly, the Tourmaline Ceramic Technology also protects you from over-styling your hair by distributing the heat as fast as it can style your hair. Time to shine!

Alure Three Barrel Waver/Curling Iron Wand

(Photo : Alure)

 Do you feel like your hair is too thick for a curling tool? Well, Alure has something you can solve your problem with.

This three-barrel iron can be a charm for people who have short or long locks, whether thick or thin. It can style your hair in just a matter of minutes. What made this product extra special is its 360-degree rotatable and tangle-free cord, so you can do all the twists and turns that you like without worrying so much about safety! 

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