Hailey Baldwin Bieber may have been a household name when she married Justin Bieber, but she is slowly making a name for herself.

The supermodel has always been an epitome of style and comfort and this time, she is reinventing what was used to be limited to just the boardroom.

This trendsetting model has been recently spotted clad in a blue bikini while sunbathing by a pool in Miami. She was taking a break from work with husband, singer, Justin Bieber. The stylish couple has always looked good together, and it looks like married life is bringing out the best in them.

Now, Hailey Baldwin Bieber was spotted wearing a suit, and she surely knows her way around it. The trendsetter has found a knack at making this corporate two-piece set and transform it into something truly casual and chic.

Hailey's Suit History

Earlier this year, Hailey sported a floral-covered two-piece corporate suit by Jaquemus. With the way she carried it, the suit looked more appealing by the pool than inside a corporate boardroom.



As if that was not enough styling, Hailey has continued on to her masterful suit styling with a brand new pair. This time, she chose to wear a bright red suit and paired it with the most casual piece of clothing ever -- a hoodie!

Spotted walking the streets of Beverly Hills, Hailey Bieber switched from the traditional yet classic blue suit from something a bit more daring. The glaring red suit is truly a "Hailey" style. The Balenciaga shapely blazer was worn on top of an oversized, classic white hoodie.

The razor-sharp shoulders gave her the edgy look as well. The photo can be found in Vogue.

The matching trousers were not the usual straight cut. It had a bit of flair towards the hem. It iss exactly the silhouette of the season. Meanwhile, the slightly flared leg was just right.

On the other hand, the accessories she chose to wear to complete the ensemble send a contrastingly beautiful combination. The Nike sneakers gave her outfit that street style complement, while the uptown black lady bag was a perfect match for what seemed like a corporate outfit.

Overall, the layers of style take the suit to a whole new level. It is another one of those rare combinations that become an interesting visual subject.

lthough Hailey went out of her way to put together and bring out a new sense of style, she stepped out of the house still with her two best accessories -- large black sunglasses and hoop earrings by Jennifer Fisher.

Suit Up Like Hailey

When will you suit up again? Take after Hailey Baldwin Bieber. Play with it and do not choose what is safe. Safe only means boring. Be loud. Choose a brash color, or play with the garment you wear underneath.

Nothing makes a suit look better than the confidence of the one wearing it. Jazz up and give your suit a new look like Hailey Baldwin Bieber. That classic look never gets old, but adding a modern twist only spices things up.

The stylish model has just made her weekend outfit look better. The suit and the confidence that came with it has raised the level of the bar. Now, who would dare challenge the Bieber and her style?

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