There is a bad omen surrounding Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's wedding. They have not even married yet and there are literally storms trying to break them apart.

Perry and Bloom have both come from previous marriages. Perry had an over-the-top wedding to Russell Brand in 2010 and Bloom wed Miranda Kerr in the same year.

Perry and Brand divorced in 2012. Bloom and Kerr divorced in 2013, but both have an eight-year-old son, Flynn Bloom.

Rumors that the "Fireworks" singer and "Lord of the Rings" actor are getting married soon came after their Valentine's Day engagement.

Bloom Perry Wedding Setback

It was revealed that the couple will have a more low-key wedding before 2019 ends. However, things have started to rain down on their parade.

The couple's wedding venue is reportedly affected by weather forecasts. Hence, they were forced to postpone the wedding. Their new wedding date is yet to be announced.

Bloom revealed that they are currently in the process of "focusing on laying the foundation before [they] take the next, really big step." Perry echoed her fiancé's sentiments, saying that they are "doing everything necessary to lay a strong, grounded foundation to [their] relationship."

Sources revealed that the couple remains "beyond in love with each other," and It is just that the location they wanted will be unavailable at the timing they wished for.

However, the couple is said to be enjoying every minute of their wedding planning despite having hired a wedding planner.

Two Weddings to Come

Bloom and Perry are set to host two wedding parties. While previous rumors revealed their wedding will be the complete opposite of Perry's majestic 2010 wedding, new sources reveal it will be anything but overly simplistic.

The couple will have one local wedding party so they can be with family and friends. Then, their wedding guests may join them to a destination wedding party. The "destination" is yet to be revealed, but the couple did visit Spain early this year.

Katy Wants Kids!

Furthermore, the 35-year-old singer is said to have her heart set on having her first child soon after they get married. Katy previously complained about adulting on the "The Ellen DeGeneres" show, as she is already fulfilling her role as Flynn's stepmom.

Perry is expected to slow down career-wise so she could better focus on getting pregnant and start raising a family with her soon-to-be-husband, who himself is already 42 years old.

More Wedding Details

Perry's diamond flower-shaped engagement ring suits her personality. Bloom reportedly spent $5 million for the ring alone. It is a 4-carat pink diamond with white diamonds surrounding the oval center. The "full bloom" ring is said to be one-of-a-kind!

Katy Perry is expected to forego the traditional white wedding gown. She may opt for a bright bold wedding dress or a patterned gown. Her go-to designers are Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Moschino, and Giambattista.

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