Prince Philip Slams Prince Andrew For Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: 'Take Your Punishment!'


Prince Andrew has disgraced himself and the royal family, and this is something the other royals have made him feel.

Last week, the Duke of York drove 140 miles to Sandringham for a confrontation with Prince Charles. A week after, his father Prince Philip had given Prince Andrew his opinion of the situation. 

Taking On The Responsibility

The scandalous ties that Prince Andrew has built with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has put him in hot water. Soon after the tell-all interview he had with BBC, the Duke of York decided to take a step back from his royal duties.

His mother, Queen Elizabeth II supported his decision. His older brother, Prince Charles -- the heir to the throne -- agreed that it would be best if Prince Andrew withdrew himself from his royal duties.

Hours before the release of an interview with the accuser, Prince Andrew had received "strong words" from his brother, Prince Charles.

Moroever, according to the report released by The Telegraph, the 98-year old Duke of Edinburgh had called for his son. The Panorama interview with Virginia Roberts Guiffre has piled huge pressure on the Duke of York, and it looked like his father had something to say. 

"It was a tense meeting and Prince Philip told his son that he needed to take the punishment for his actions," the royal insider in Sandringham told The Telegraph. 

Although the insider told the U.K. paper that there was no shouting or screaming, Prince Philip firmly told his son that he had to step down to save the monarchy. Although he does not agree with the trial by the publicity that his son has been subjected to, the Duke of Edinburgh was realistic enough to help his son realize that danger that came with his actions.

Different Paths For Prince Charles and Prince Andrew

Prince Philip has already arranged for Prince Charles to take on the responsibility for "the riot act." Slowly, the heir to the throne is being prepared. The next king will be Prince Charles and he will take control of the entire royal family as the king, an insider told The Telegraph. 

Prince Philip has already retired from his royal duties. His wife, Queen Elizabeth II, is already 93. Another source added that Prince Charles needs to take a firm grip on the responsibilities of the throne -- he has to learn to plan for the future of the entire monarchy.. 

For his first task, Prince Charles was asked to help the Queen decide on the situation of Prince Andrew. The insider said that the Queen referred to it as the "Prince Andrew problem."

It was an unlikely situation that the entire royal family has been dragged into, and the special friendship Prince Andrew had with Jeffrey Epstein has put the monarchy in possible jeopardy. 

The recent revelations of Prince Andrew's accuser have further embarrassed him and the rest of the royal family. The sexual relations he has had with Virginia Roberts Guiffre, according to her account, come with legal implications considering she was a minor when the first sexual encounter happened.

Although none of the accusations raised against him has been proven, Prince Andrew accepted the decision of the royal family, as he was given very little choice. 

The source also added that Prince Philip regrets that his son could not lead a simple life. His extravagance has put him in this mess and now the entire monarchy is suffering. 

However, with Prince Charles slowly easing into the throne, everyone is hopeful that things will change for the better for the royals. 

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