5 Best Non-Comedogenic Sunscreens for 2020 on Amazon

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Are you hiding from the sun because you did not put on sunscreen? Or are you covering your face because the sunscreen you used caused a major acne breakout on your face? You probably are not using a non-comedogenic sunscreen.

What Is That?

Non-comedogenic is a jargon in the beauty industry that simply means it will not clog your pores.

For years, sunscreen has always been a mainstay when we are at the beach or under the sun. We are taught that as climate change becomes more worrisome, the more we should use sunscreen with higher SPF protection to prevent aging.

But only in recent years was this issue brought to light: Sunscreen clogs the pores and causes acne and other blemishes! We have been trying to protect our skin from the sun to avoid skin damage and yet the very thing we use harms us.

This is where non-comedogenic sunscreens come in. From now on, we are using nothing but sunscreens that explicitly say it will not cause irritation and pimples because it will not clog our pores.

Our Favorite Non-Comedogenic Sunscreen

Elta MD UV Daily SPF 40
(Photo : Photo: Elta MD)
Elta MD UV Daily SPF 40

One of the essential things we should consider for the sunscreen we use is that it should not harm our oceans and marine life. Aside from pore-clogging ingredients, outdated sunscreens have been damaging coral reefs, bleaching them.

This is why we opted for a mineral-based sunscreen that is zinc oxide-based instead of the toxic UV filters. EltaMD Skincare UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 is a favorite option because of its coral-safe formulation.

This face sunscreen is priced just right and dermatologist-recommended. The non-clogging formulation is not sticky or oily. It is suitable for sensitive skin to prevent acne.

Because it is a natural formulation, you will need to reapply every two hours to get the benefits of its SPF 46 protection from UVA and UVB rays. Keep in mind to patch-test before trying any sunscreen to prevent allergies.

For Various Skin Types

Whether you have oily, dry, or acne-prone skin, you will benefit from using a non-comedogenic sunscreen. Another natural formulation we like is Earth's Recipe Waterful Sun Gel which is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Without a thick and heavy formulation, this sunscreen stands out as a non-pore blocking sunscreen. It also lets your skin breathe so you feel fresh.

Like our first pick, this gel-based sunscreen is also infused with natural minerals, completely foregoing toxic chemicals that we do not like. It is also free of synthetic fragrances and dyes that can also hurt our oceans.

Made by a Doctor

Board-certified Aesthetic Medicine physician Dr. Phanor Calle created this fast-absorbing sunscreen with niacinamide that helps clear complexion with regular use.

Prevent UVA, UVB, and infrared radiation damage with GloxiniaLife by Dr. Calle with SPF 45. This medical-grade formulation is suitable for sensitive, oily and dry skin. It may also lead to a smooth blemish-free face.

Oil-Free Sunscreen

When you already have an oily complexion, the last thing you want to put on your face is another layer of oil.

This is why we like Dermalogica Oil-Free Matte with SPF 30. It helps prevent oily skin and acne breakouts, as well as skin inflammations.

An oil-free formulation should help prevent skin congestion and allow your skin to breathe. A shine-free formula that will help clear your face of acne all while protecting you from sun damage.

Known Brand

Are you the type who does not really like experimenting with new brands? Then your best bet would be Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Face Liquid Sunscreen.

It is hypoallergenic so it will not irritate the skin. Furthermore, it does not have fragrances and oils that can clog your pores and irritate your skin.

This zinc oxide and titanium dioxide formulation will not harm the planet. It is also lightweight and non-sticky, yet very efficient in protecting you from UVA and UVB damage.

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