Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Could Certainly Make Princess Diana Proud For This!

What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently doing even when they are on "break" would make Princess Diana proud.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex started their six-week break in the U.S with their son, Archie Mounbatten-Windsor, to spend time with Markle's family during the holiday season. But they used the time-off to continue supporting and spreading their causes and projects

Markle recently released a statement on how colleges and universities play important roles in this world. The Duchess of Sussex also emphasized how it can be beneficial to people notwithstanding their gender, race and socioeconomic background.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry sent a video message and presented it at Oslo RevCon. The Duke of Sussex spoke about the projects started by his late mother, Princess Diana, and how he is doing anything to continue her works.

Those were just some of the public activities they made even when they are outside the royal palace. But they are doing something together right now which, according to royal experts, would make the late Princess of Wales pleased of who they have become.

The Sussexes on Changing Royal Family's Public Perception

In 1957, Queen Elizabeth II began to transform the monarchy into a modernized one when she ordered to televise the Palace's annual Christmas broadcast for the first time. The event opened the doors for the royal watchers to see the royal family differently -- from being outmoded to modern.

Both Meghan and Prince Harry seemed to learn from that as they change the Royal Family's public perception through their proficient use of social media.

According to the Royal Commentator Omid Scobie, Princess Diana would be so proud of the two for using the royal family's platform effectively but in the most creative way.

"If she was around today, she'd be doing exactly the same on social media," Scobie went on.

The Sussexes started this project of choosing at least 15 organizations or persons whose stories reflect on Meghan and Harry's interest. They feature the selected stories on their social media accounts and lift the traditional "veil" that keeps the royal family away from the public.

Moreover, Scobie thought that this move will help them to promote the projects which Princess Diana has started before she succumbed to death in 1997.

Prince Charles Continues To Break The Stigma For Princess Diana

In Nov. 2019, Prince Harry announced that he will be working with infamous former rugby star Gareth Thomas, who bravely revealed his HIV status in a tweet.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly contacted the sportsman a few days after publicizing his HIV status online. Thomas first admitted that he was gay in 2009, making him the first U.K-based player to tell his story being an HIV patient.

The Royal Family, spearheaded by Prince Harry and the late Princess Diana of Wales, have devoted the long-living monarchy's mission to beat HIV and AIDS. But after Princess Diana's death in 1997, Prince Harry felt that this kind of social works gave him a "sense of purpose" as part of the Royal Family.

He also revealed that through the years, he became deeply connected with the people of Botswana and Africa, defining it also as a "sense of escapism".

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