The first part of the decade is captured in one name -- Jason Derulo. His 2009 hit "Whatcha Say" has punctuated every freet party, high school dance and practically every corner where the radio can be heard.

The Florida-born singer has indeed taken the world by storm with his amazing voice and even more beautiful performance. 

As they say, all good things must come to an end. In 2015, Jason Derulo announced that he would no longer be known for his music. He said he has "outgrown" that part of him. However, people were left wondering, what would he do if he will no longer sing? 

For Derulo, it seems like the best answer is to talk about his penis. 

The Absence of the "Anaconda" In "Cats"

In a recent interview with SiriusXM's "Radio Andy," Jason Derulo claimed that his penis was airbrushed out of a  scene. He was wearing tights the whole time he was filming "Cats," but his "giftedness" down there was notably absent in any of the scenes.

Derulo continued on by saying that he is "125% sure" that his genitalia was CGI'd out of the film and the trailer will speak for it. 

Within just a week after the movie adaptation of "Cats" by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Derulo who plays the role of the cat Rum Tum Tugger appeared on Entertainment Tonight. Though he was expected to talk about his role in the movie, he once again addressed the issue concerning his "anaconda" photo being taken down by Instagram. 

Jason expressed his surprise that the photo was taken down by Instagram. Derulo added that he did not think it would cause such a big fuss, with that much thirst. The "Talk Dirty" hitmaker said that when he posted the photo that morning, all he thought was that women would like it.

"I thought it was a good photo,'Yo, this is about to be crazy'-post," Derulo said. He did not think it would be blown out of proportion (pun intended). 

When the conversation was back to being about "Cats," Derulo described the CGI suits needed to render the hellscape needed for the film. The suits were very tight, similar to when one is naked. The "Watcha Say" artist said that there were "balls and bulges" everywhere.

During his interview with Andy Cohen, Jason revealed that his genitals have been purposely edited out of "Cats" to hopefully achieve the slinky feline look. 

Where It All Started

In late November, the singer's post on Instagram was taken down. It was a photo taken months ago in Bali, according to TMZ who first reported the event.

Derulo was standing on a wet platform wearing nothing but a tight black swimwear and a pair of gold chains. His muscles were rippled and his skin glistened, but his bulge got most of the attention. From the angle of the camera where the photo was taken, it made its shape a little too clear. 

When an Instagram user asked him what animal was he hiding in his underpants, Derulo gamely responded, "Anaconda."

Less than two weeks after it was posted, the management of Instagram took the photo down citing nudity and sexual activity as the reason. Since then, Derulo could not stop talking about his genitals and why the big bulk of what he has down there had to be a big issue for the social media platform. 

The talk about Derulo's genitals has been all over the news and social media. When will it ever stop? Or how will it end? Only Jason Derulo can truly say. After all, he is the one making a big fuss about the big bulge. 

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