Sorry, Sussexes! Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Rejected in Local Restaurant in Canada

Rejection still haunts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle even when they are on vacation to seek peace and silence.

Recently, Markle has been named as 2019's Most Unfairly Treated Person in the United Kingdom. It came after the Sussexes became the target of British tabloids following their marriage. They even filed lawsuits that immensely detailed the libelous acts of the U.K.-based publications harassing them.

The document tackled several derogatory statements by Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday, including the exploitation of Markle's father Thomas Markle, the baby shower issue, her relationship with Doria Ragland, and more made-up issues about Meghan and Prince Harry.

Due to these issues surrounding their name, they decided to file a six-week break away from the Royal Family. But who would have thought that they will be rejected once again by the public after they got disregarded by the members of the monarchy?

The Public Turned Them Down, Too?

Aside from spending most of their break at the U.S. with Markle's mother, the Sussexes were also spotted jetting to Canada over the holidays.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave them a warm welcome through his Twitter page and wrote: "Prince Harry, Meghan, and Archie, we're all wishing you a quiet and blessed stay in Canada.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace confirmed that the family "were enjoying sharing the warmth of the Canadian people and the beauty of the landscape."

But instead of heartwarming greetings from the locals, reports said that the family of three got rejected when they tried to dine in one of the restaurants.

The aforementioned seafood restaurant, Deep Cove Chalet, is owned by Bev and Pierre Koffel in North Saanich, Vancouver Island in Canada.

To discover the husband and wife's reason for rejecting the royal couple, Bev exclusively told Vancouver Sun that her husband did not accept the security team's request to accommodate the needs of the royalties.

They reportedly rejected the royal couple through their guards due to the high-security demand.

In return, Mrs. Koffel left the best wishes for the Sussexes' first Christmas with Archie instead.

"Let them have their peace and quiet. For us to be so lucky to have them in the area, how lucky is that?" she went on.

Sussexes Spending Too Much Again?

According to DailyMail reports, the family of three spent their first Christmas day in a $14.1 million worth of waterfront mansion in Canada.

The gated mansion has eight bedrooms and lines across Vancouver Island's two beaches.

The royal couple previously faced allegations about the £300,000 extravagant baby shower and the alleged used of the taxpayers' funds for the expenses made on the renovations of their home, Frogmore Cottage

But Markle's legal team already clarified through their recent lawsuit that the stories were just all made up in pursuit of dirtying Markle's name.

Among the false stories which involved Prince Harry's name stated that the expenses made on the renovations of their home, Frogmore Cottage was charged to the taxpayers.

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