The readings of royal astrogers serve only as a guide. However, they made headlines recently after bringing some exciting prospect for Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle this 2020.

The Bad News

Royal astrologers have been controversial recently, especially with some unwanted predictions for the royal family.

It surprised royal watchers when a royal astrologer predicted that the monarchy will still face more difficulties next year after it went through a lot in 2019 -- from Prince Philip's car accident to Prince Andrew's withdrawal from his royal duties.

Moreover, according to royal astrologer Debbie Frank, Queen Elizabeth II will face more troubles in the next 12 months and it may start in late March.

Talking with The Sun on Sunday, Frank predicted that "as Saturn's stark influence remains into the New Year," it will surely cause difficult times to Her Majesty. She also noted that the eclipse will send signals that the problems are just around the corner.

"An eclipsed full moon on January 10 - a subtle effect of which may be visible from the earth - looks set to create further family ripples," she stated.

The eclipse will be followed by a closer approach of Saturn to Pluto, which signifies a time for "reality checks."

Moreover, Frank suggested the Queen to launch boundaries and laws to protect the monarchy.

Despite this forewarning, another set of royal astrologers somehow cleared their worries away after they predicted something good coming into the royal family's way.

What's The Good News?

Through Daily Mirror, Royal astrologers Francesa Odie and Ann-Louise Holland predicted that both Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will give birth to babies this 2020.

According to the experts, they felt that the Cambridges are placed "by eclipses and planetary action" into a universe of changes. They based this prediction on the theory wherein eclipses repeat the same scenario every 19 years, and 2020 is the 19th year ever since Kate met Prince William at their university.

"If she falls pregnant again, this will be an important child and will change Kate's outlook where she establishes herself as the nation's ultimate mother," the astrologers stated.

Meanwhile, the experts read how Mars' retrograde in the constellation of Aries in September will make Meghan be out of the public's eyes due to a "reduced schedule" because of a potential pregnancy.

In 2019, Prince Harry and Meghan welcomed their first son Archie, the current youngest member of the monarchy.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate currently have three children -- Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The Problem For Prince Harry

Prince Charles is a few steps closer to the throne now that Queen Elizabeth II is nearing her 95th birthday. Once Prince Charles takes over, Prince William will move up, and so is Prince Harry and his baby Archie.

Prince William will be the heir to the throne after Prince Charles, followed by his children Prince George (eldest child of the Duke of Cambridge), Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Prince Harry will be fifth in line to the throne then;  however, it would only be possible if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide not to have another child.

It may still sound good news though, since Prince Harry could make it to the top five "reserves" while his son Archie would be the sixth.

But whatever the future holds for them, having something to look forward to can certainly help ease the tension in the palace.

No pressure, Kate and Meghan!

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