Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are unbreakable no matter how many people come into the picture.

In July 2017, People reportedly spotted Reinhart wearing Sprouse's jacket during an Entertainment Weekly party at Comic-Con. They showed a lot of PDA through the months until they made their relationship red-carpet official at the Met Gala in May 2018.

Sprouse and Reinhart became one of those celebrity couples who went on and off in 2019. But this year was a bit different as, for the first time, a third-party got involved.

Sprouse Cheating On Reinhart?

On Jan. 6, Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Depp left Golden Globes after-party while clinging on the 27-year-old actor's arm.

Fans defended that it was just a friendly gesture. However, the alleged affair immediately skyrocketed after the two went straight to the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood.

However, a source clarified to E! News that Reinhart and Sprouse are still together. The insider also pointed out that the rumors about the actor cheating with Depp are far from the reality since Lily-Rose has been dating Timothée Chalamet since 2018. Moreover, Lily-Rose and Timothée were also spotted together during the Golden Globes after-party in question.

Dealing With Breakup Rumors

While the rumors spread like wildfire, fans did niot immediately went into panic mode over the concerning news. After all, Cole and Lili are known to address any issue head-on. 

In fact, in their alleged "breakup" last summer, the two commented on the rumors with Lili writing on Instagram, "BREAKING: A reliable source has confirmed that none of you know sh*t."

Back in July 2019, Sprouse and Reinhart both shared their W Magazine cover on Instagram that deflated the surfacing "split" speculations. Sprouse and Reinhart even made fun of the reports about their break up -- with the actress saying that people know nothing and the actor writing that they both "consumed the flesh" of reliable sources.

The couple shut down the split rumors once again after Season 4 of Riverdale started, with the CW-hit couple hugging and kissing each other outside a restaurant.

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Reinhart Is The Only One

In 2019, amid all the break-up rumors, Reinhart called Sprouse her boyfriend and even composed a poem on her Instagram account to greet him on his 27th birthday.

Moreover, Sprouse made netizens go wild after he left a comment on Selena Gomez's Instagram post, where the former Disney Channel co-star said that she was torn between Sprouse and someone named Juan when she was still an 11-year old kid. The fans loved this little interaction, but the actor was still showing commitment to his real-life sweetheart, Reinhart, despite that.

A source told E! News that the couple is very happy and that they are in a great place right now. They have been getting along on and off the camera, and their open affection for each other contributes a lot.

With these allegations they keep on receiving, their fans can only hope that the actor and actress will remain the strong couple they admire since day one.

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