Kanye West Becoming Burden to Kim Kardashian? Proof Here

Will Kim Kardashian lose everything because of Kanye West?

After getting married in 2014, fans of Kanye thought that Kim would just ruin the rapper's image since the KKW mogul was just "a famous but talentless" artist at that time. 

The 39-year-old media personality was also yet to build her empire that the only things she used to be associated with and known for were her friendship with Paris Hilton and the alleged sex tape with Ray J.

Because of these things, netizens did not initially approve her for Kanye. Today, however, the table has been turned in favor of Kim.

Kanye a Burden?

The "Follow God" singer went through a lot in 2019 that he became a problem, making his wife thought of divorcing him.

West started to make the headlines after dropping his "Jesus Is King" album and holding a weekly Sunday service. Moreover, he seemed to get all the blessings from the universe when he announced the plans on his unique global tour.

However, his issues overshadowed those things in a snap.

Before the full-blown schedule of the rapper, Kanye officially publicized that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Through their conversation with late-night host David Letterman, West admitted how the diagnosis affected his life and how it caused him to "ramped up".

Even though it seemed like he got better than before, fans could not still ignore the fact that his episodes got more problematic whenever he is too stressed or too tired. 

Even the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star knew that her husband tends to throw rants and say unusual things whenever an episode is coming. She got too concerned over West's mental issues that she finally displayed her worries about her husband and his mental health.

Aside from his mental health issues, Kanye added more headache to Kim after he approved of TI's virgin-testing for his daughter and said that his parenting way is "God-approved."

Affecting Kim's Works

In 2019, Kim visited the White House and joined President Donald Trump -- who was Kanye's rants target at a press conference.

Kim got the support she needed from Trump after he signed the "First Step Act" in 2018 to allow discretion in sentencing drug offenders, reducing their life sentence and even providing rehabilitation for prisoners.

Kim, as an aspiring lawyer, has to connect with Trump to push all the necessary actions to complete her works. But her husband, who is never a fan of the President, has always been on her way.

Kanye appeared in a "disturbing" interview with PageSix and carelessly opened up about how the democrats "brainwashed" black Americans to abort their children for years now. He also included Trump on the aforementioned democrats.

West's rants continuously stormed in, and he even told everyone that he is "only afraid of God." The statement alone made an indirect blow to Trump, slapping him with the truth that he is never terrified of him. 

With all these mix-up thoughts Kanye is making, he just proves that he can potentially be the cause of Kim's downfall, but fans know that his wife will never let it happen.

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