Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been an on-and-off again couple ever since they hooked up in 2015. Now, one year after their split, the couple has been spotted arm-in-arm at Zayn's birthday on January 11.

Zayn and Gigi even coordinated their clothing. Their appearance together followed speculations over the holidays that they have gotten back together.

Before the holidays begun, Gigi posted on her social media account raving about Zayn's mother Tricia Malik's chicken curry pasta salad. Zayn shared the post as well.

It would seem like the two have buried the hatchet and gave their relationship another go.

Back Together Before the Holidays

Gigi and Zayn reportedly got back together in December, just right before the season of festivities. The Victoria's Secret Model was reportedly giving the popular singer another chance.

The 24-year-old model reportedly still has lingering feelings for the 27-year-old singer. However, their year-long breakup was said to have been necessary. Zayn was, at the time, working on new music. He also took the opportunity to focus on his health.

Zayn is said to be "in a really good place," leading to him getting another chance with the sought-after model. After spending the holidays together, they were again spotted in 2020 while celebrating Zayn's 27th birthday at the NYC Italian restaurant, il Buco.

Gigi's family was also present at Zayn's birthday. Her sister Bella Hadid, brother Anwar Hadid, and mother Yolanda Hadid were all supportive of their sister's relationship. Anwar's girlfriend, Dua Lipa, also attended the birthday celebration.

The former One Direction singer reportedly rented a private room in the NYC restaurant for his birthday. Everyone was said to be happy and supportive of Gigi and Zayn. Her family is also said to treat Zayn like part of their family.

Friends Only For Now

Even after appearing closer in photos and on social media, the two are said to be not in a relationship. Apparently, Gigi was not looking to rekindle their romance which was disrupted in 2018.

Gigi is said to only have taken Zayn back as a friend. They are simply resuming friendship and going out together as friends.

Sources reveal that the ex-couple are on speaking terms with each other. However, they are not getting back together in the near future.

Zayn Became Too Much to Handle

Their relationship had reportedly took a toll on Gigi. The model was said to have left her friends everytime she was in a commitment with Zayn.

Gigi had been too stressed with their relationship, and although though she still has feelings for Zayn, she has debunked any chances of jumping back into a commitment. According to reports, she has "tried hard to make the relationship work" and even spent more time with him before being linked to Tyler Cameron.

The problem is said to be Malik's own issues. Gigi was unable to help her boyfriend get through with his personal problems even though she focused all her energy and time for their relationship. In the end, it became too much even for her.

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