Oscar Snub? 'Frozen 2' Not Nominated For Best Animated Feature

Everyone expected the "Frozen 2" -- the biggest animated movie of 2019 -- to be in. However, it seems the geniuses behind the Oscars think otherwise.

Now, this could be a banner year for those indie animated films to make their mark in Hollywood. 

The 92nd Academy Awards have released the list of nominees for its different categories. Surprisingly though, the second installment of the "Frozen" franchise did not make the cut for the Best Animated Feature Film category.

As usual, critics have their own take as to who's who, but when they did not meet the cut, it is easy to say that the Oscars made a snub. However, the film's absence is undoubtedly a shock to many.

Frozen 2 Is Out

This year, one of the top grossing films of all time was not included in the list. Instead of "Frozen 2," other animated fims such as "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World," "I Lost My Body," "Missing Link," "Toy Story 4," and "Klaus" are nominated for the Best Animated Feature Film award. 

In the history of awards and recognitions, mainstream blockbuster movies like "Frozen 2" usually sweep the best-animated film award in the Oscars.

This year might prove different, however, with the recent snub. The only nomination the second installment of the "Frozen" film got this year is for the best original song for "Into The Unknown."

A Welcome Change

Disney and Pixar are usually the ones that take pride in the best-animated films that win in the Academy. In fact, the two have won the best-animated film seven times in a row. 

People have been used to seeing Disney or Pixar take home the bacon almost every year. However, three out of the five nominations in the Best Animated Feature Flm award were from non-major film studios, which says a lot.

It is the kind of change that is welcomed by those who remain hopeful that the small digital movie players will get noticed, too. 

Some of the most exciting works that people can look forward too are not produced by Pixar or Disney. These film producers work on animated films that make a lot of money. And because it is quite impossible to outshine them in their own game, the independent sector is looking into creating films that focuses more on stories and art.

"Frozen 2" from Disney was not nominated this year. But then again, it also means giving others a chance to shine. After all, the Academy Awards take pride in films that respect the art form. There is a certain kind of familiarity in the art of film making that the Oscars are known for. 

Maybe this time is not for "Frozen 2." Maybe it is time for some other movie to shine.

While that is the case, however, Disney will and should still be happy that the latest "Frozen" film exceeded their expectations when it comes to profit.

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