Paranoid Kanye West Building $15 Million Underground Bunker to Escape Any Danger


Kanye West is putting in a lot of money to build his family a protective bunker in Wyoming.

RadarOnline exclusively learned of this new project of the rapper, citing that Kanye is building the underground bunker "to escape any danger."

Building A Family Home

According to tipsters, the 42-year-old rapper has become too paranoid that he shelled out $15 million and purchased a second ranch in the Cowboy State. The long term goal was to build his family home and a bunker below their dream home. 

An insider source told RadarOnline that the paranoid husband and father is laying out a huge amount of money for a state-of-the-art shelter beneath the main house where he and his family can stay away from all types of danger. 

"He wanted to keep himself and his family safe from any type of danger," the source added. 

Kanye is sparing no expense to make this bunker a new and comfortable space for his reality star wife Kim Kardashian and their four children. The plan was to have enough provisions to last them for months without worrying about not having enough food or water.

What could be making Kanye West so paranoid?

The Paris Robbery

Kanye West may be known to shell out big bucks to ensure that his family is safe, especially after what happened to his wife Kim Kardashian while she was in Paris.

Three years ago, Kim was robbed of some of her most precious jewelry pieces. She became a target of robbers after she showed off her ritzy jewelry collection in her social media accounts. 

The robbers had carefully watched her every move until they had a chance to jump her in her hotel suite while her bodyguards were not in sight. Kim was completely alone when it happened and felt helpless. 

During an interview with E! True Hollywood Story, Kim said that the robbers wanted her ring and all the other jewelry pieces she had, so she gave in everything. " I didn't fight back," Kim narrated. She further added that they wrapped her mouth and her eyes with duct tape before they left with the goods.

At that time, Kim was sure she was going to die. All she could tell herself was to calm down and pray for help to come. 

The Big Change

After the robbers left, Kim was able to get her hands out of the ties and call for help. She suffered severe trauma that she had developed anxiety issues that made it difficult to sleep through the night. But then, the Paris robbery had taught Kim an important lesson: she got herself a turnaround to focus more on family and less on material things. 

The Paris incident clearly affected Kanye West, too. His desire to keep his family safe at all times may be fueled by his trauma of what happened to his wife.

Apart from the huge leap he took in terms of religion, it looks like Kanye has truly become the family man that he has always hoped to be. 

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