Kim Kardashian Popping Khloe's Pimple Is The Most Satisfying Clip You'll See Today!

Last year, one of YouTube's most-watched videos included some five to ten-minute long strangely satisfying clip of pimples and blackheads being extracted out of the skin. It may sound odd, but there is something with those Dr Pimple Popper videos that make them enjoyable even though they are totally gross.

While these close-up acne-zapping clips are undeniably nauseating, Dr Amy Wechsler -- who is certified in both dermatology and psychiatry -- said that we enjoy it simply because we find pleasure in such videos even if they are borderline disgusting.

She added that there some people who really find joy in popping pimples and even think that "it is the coolest thing ever."

With that said, this explains why a video of Kim Kardashian popping her sister, Khloe's pimple immediately went viral on social media.

Talking about click-worthy content. How could you go wrong with Kim Kardashian and a pimple popping video in one, huh? It will surely hit millions of views in no time.

In a bonus scene from the recent episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," the 39-year-old Kim volunteered to extract some pimple from Khloe's face (Well, Khloe looked like she does not have any choice but to let her older sister salvage her face, right?).

"Dr Pimple Popper to the rescue," Kim said, referring to dermatologist Sandra Lee, who is responsible for the viral pimple-popping videos on the internet.

Kim then proceeds to grab an extracting tool which left Khloe with no choice but to lay down on the sofa and let her big sister roleplay as esthetician.

However, it looks like professional estheticians will cringe on Kim K's technique, as she uses her bare fingers in popping Khloe's pimples while she still has her full makeup on. Yikes!

"Just my neck, you're not going any further," Khloe told Kim who is so focused on explaining to her how her hand works.

"Whoa! This one is worth it!" Kim exclaimd as she successfully extracted one of Khloe's imperfections.

While seeing Kim's bare hands popping the pimple on Khloe's entirely made-up face could be cringy, it difficult to look away and miss what would happen next.

"That one hurts"' Khloe complained, to which her big sister immediately replied, "Well, it hurts for a reason."

"I should have been an esthetician," the KKW Beauty mogul said after satisfying herself with the pimple-popping experience.

The mother-of-four even offered to show Khloe a piece of gunk that she just collected and said: "Okay, I'm done. Want to see what I got out of that one?"

Khloe obviously refused the offer and made a noise of disgust.

Despite being on a high of her victory, however, Kim admitted that she "can't take this up as a real hobby."

Despite entrusting their skincare to the most sought-after professionals in the skincare business, this video only proves that the Kardashian sisters are just like the rest of us who enjoys doing disgusting things from time-to-time.

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