Ahead of the release of his first solo album, Louis Tomlinson gets real about change, embracing fans, and why he is trying his best to be immature even at this time. 

Tomlinson is one of the oldest members of the successful boy band formerly known as "One Direction." Much like his former bandmates Zayn Malik and Harry Styles who have gone ahead of him by two years, Tomlinson is trying his luck as a solo artist.

His debut album as a solo artist entitled "Walls" is set to be released at the end of this month. 

His Music

According to Tomlinson, the songs in the album sound a bit more soulful. It is less like a teen heartthrob and more like a little bit of a grown-up man trying to win the heart of every teenage girl in the world.

His music is a reflection of grief, above everything else. In the song "Two of Us," Louis sings with vulnerability, as can be seen in the lyrics: "swear I'm gonna make you proud / I'll be living one life for the two of us."

The said song might be about his late mother, to whom he is offering all his success too. 

There are also tracks in the album that revolve around the idea of falling in love. In the song, "We Made It," he recalls the weekends he spent with his girlfriend back in college when she was in school.

"Oh my, I remember those nights / Meet you at your uni', cheap drinks / drink 'em all night / staying out 'til sunrise / share a single bed and tell each other what we dream about," the lyrics of the song went on.

These lyrics are far more personal compared to the songs he first released when he left the band. Those early songs admittedly did not feel like they were his. 

His Life

Tomlinson is already 28 years old. He considers this stage as something really fun. It seems as if he is already old enough to do things, but still too young to ensure that every decision is sound.

"I've never been more conscious of my age," Tomlinson said, hinting of a quarter-life crisis.

"When you're in your late 20s, you're in a funny stage of your life-you haven't been around for ages, but you're also not young, you're in this weird transitional stage," the former One Directioner went on. "That's been very apparent in my life, and I'm always trying to be as immature as I possibly fucking can now, to balance it all out. There's only so much you can get away with for so long." 

Sure enough, the past four years have turned Louis from the kid playing in the boy band to an adult with obstacles no man of his age would want to be in. In 2016, he lost his mother after a tedious battle with cancer. Three years later, his younger sister died of an accidental overdose.

In the same stretch, he became a young father and witnessed the break-up of "One Direction."

But now that he is nearing 30, the former boyband member said that he is trying his best to be immature to enjoy this part of his life. After all, he considers anything above thirty as something old. His fans have grown up and so has he. 

As much as he enjoys life as a young man in his 20s, Louis Tomlinson is also trying his best to tread on a more mature road. At the moment, he is sneaking in a few last moments of immaturity before the reality of getting old sets in. 

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