It is normal to get a resemblance from people within the same family. After all, you share the same blood and genes to get skin color, face shape, height, eyes, and all. But wouldn't it be weird to find a total stranger in other parts of the world, who looks exactly like you?

Well, it does exists ... and it is called doppelganger.

A doppelganger is a German term which means "double walker" or "double goer." It is someone who looks exactly like you, one that could even pass as your identical twin. Aside from having the same physical features, a doppelganger also mysteriously dresses, speaks and acts like you. It is weirdly creepy that even science could not explain.

In other cultures, this odd way of finding someone who looks exactly like you is believed to be a sign of bad luck. Regardless of beliefs surrounding the mystery of a doppelganger, it is still fascinating to find someone who feels like looking straight to the mirror.

It may be a sign of misfortune to others, but not for fans who are recently going gaga over a coffee shop workers who looks exactly like "One Direction" alum Harry Styles.

In the now-viral video, TikTok user @fridasakaj share how she and her friends spontaneously bumped into a barista whom they first thought was really Harry Styles, dressed in a famous coffee shop's uniform.

In the video, the Harry Styles doppelganger could be seen wearing a black turtleneck long sleeves under the iconic green apron. He is also sporting a half-up half-down bun while serving up drinks at a Starbucks drive-thru somewhere in the United States.

Upon getting their drinks, the Harry Styles fan said: "Are you Harry Styles?"

"We're literally listening to your song right now," the driver added as they fetch their drink from Harry's duo.

The Starbucks barista, which is only identified as Sean, did not answer the customer's funny query and went on with his job serving the drinks with a creepy smile. (Oh God, even his smile screams, "That's What Makes You Beautiful!" Okay, we'll stop right there!)

 @fridasakajyou cannot tell me that’s not harry styles #harrystyles #fyp  ♬ original sound - fridasakaj 

The doppelganger looks exaclty like Harry that it will even make fans believe that the "Adore You" singer is up for another prank with The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"You cannot tell me that's not Harry Styles," the TikTok user wrote on the caption of the video, which has now gained 277,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments from other TikTok users.

The said video has also been shared on Twitter, which leads Harry Styles fans to go crazy and desperately look for the barista's identity. Unfortunately, as of writing, the real identity of the Harry Styles double has not yet been identified.

It is not the first time that fans found someone that could pass as Harry's twin brother. Back in 2016, a 15-year-old American schoolboy also received the same adoration from fans as he resembles the long-haired Harry Styles.

Bailey Davila said that while fans have not yet asked him for an autograph, people would often stop him on the streets and ask if he is Harry.

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