2 Decades & Over: Wendy Williams Finalizes Divorce, Now Ready to Move On

Wendy Williams

It's official! Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter are now divorced. 

Hunter and Williams have finally agreed to a settlement to finalize their divorce. Their New Jersey home will be put on sale and the two will equally share the proceeds, according to the court documents obtained by Page Six.

The news outlet also reported that Kevin Hunter will sign over his shares of the Wendy Williams Production to her. She will also be keeping their joint bank account and everything in it while he gets to keep his cars and several independent businesses. 

TMZ also reported that Williams will be keeping their home in Florida while Hunter will be getting the proceeds of another home in New Jersey that they recently sold. Neither Williams nor Hunter has confirmed the divorce being finalized, however.

Moreover, other details of the divorce have yet to be confirmed. With the apparent division of their assets, it seems as if the couple is each getting what they want. 

The Back Story

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter were married for 20 years and share a 19-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr. With their long relationship, everyone was surprised when "The Wendy Williams Show" host announced in April 2019 that she filed for a divorce.

Their split was fueled by allegations that Hunter has fathered a child with another woman. Last Summer, Williams sadly confirmed that she has filed for divorce because she believed that her husband has impregnated the woman he has been having an affair with.

Hunter broke his silence amidst the cheating scandal in a statement published by PEOPLE. He admitted that he was "not very proud of his recent actions," but he did not directly confirm that he has a mistress or that he got her pregnant. 

"I am going through a time of self-reflection and I am trying to correct my mistakes," he said. Further in the statement, he added that however things turn out, "we are still the Hunter family."

He also promised to fully support his wife, Wendy Williams, in all her business ventures including any obstacles she may face living a new life in sobriety. Williams has struggled with cocaine addiction and has spent the last year living in a sober house. 

Moving On

The television host has already cut all professional ties with her ex-husband. He was already removed  as the executive producer of "The Wendy Williams Show."

Williams has also decided to dissolve The Hunter Foundation, the non-profit organization that they founded as a couple in 2014. 

During an interview with The New York Times magazine, Williams opened up about what pushed her to file for divorce. She said that Hunter's affair and the child born out of it was what made her turn her back to their two decades of marriage. 

"Kevin has a major indiscretion that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life, but I choose not to deal with it," Williams bluntly said. She added that she believes she was a very forgiving person, but there was one thing that she could not take and that happened to them.

When asked what that one thing was, the host said, "Kevin has a daughter."

During her appearance in "Sway In The Morning," Williams also revealed that she and Kevin did not have a prenuptial agreement. She explained that there were two reasons why they did not have one: first because she never thought it was going to come to an end and second; she thought it was not sexy to discuss paperwork when you are in love with someone. 

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