Losing all the weight was not an easy task for Randy Jackson. However, all the hate he received pushed him to achieve his goal.

Jackson had to consult with various weight and nutrition experts to lose weight, but it was all worth it for the 63-year-old musician.

Weight Loss Journey

The former "American Idol" judge spoke to PEOPLE about his journey to becoming a healthier version of himself. For a long time, people have been watching him on television, and they have seen how he struggled with his weight.

Everyone kept saying he was growing too big, and he was aware that he was no longer healthy. 

"I finally got off the weight through drastic measures," Jackson revealed.

Back in 2003, Jackson underwent gastric bypass surgery. The goal of the surgery was to limit his food intake, but he did not stop there. In fact, he consulted with multiple fitness and nutrition experts to make things happen for him. He did not forget to consult an expert for his mental health needs.

Through his hard work and dedication, he was able to lose and keep off 114 lbs. 

Looking back, all the negative comments he received on television have fueled his desire to do something about his weight. He decided it was time to make a change in his lifestyle because it was making him unhealthy. 

"I think it was in season 2 of "Idol" that people come in and they go, 'Yeah Dawg, You're telling me I'm terrible but you're fat!' Jackson recalled. 

The former judge said that he was fully aware of his weight problem. He had mirrors in his house so he saw how he looked like. However, he did not take action on it until he had to be taken to the emergency room because he got really sick.

It was what made him stop and think about his weight and how it has affected his life. 

Living With Diabetes

Because of his excessive weight and unhealthy diet, Jackson was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. This diagnosis and the threat to his life has changed his approach to health.

Managing diabetes should go hand in hand with how one manages their weight. In his journey to improve himself physically, he co-founded Unify Health Labs. It is a product that he says helps people in their journey to being healthy. 

Jackson admitted that when he was trying to be healthy, the options for weight loss available in the market confused him. He did not know where or how to start, and he was confused about a lot of things and that did not help him mentally and emotionally. It made weight loss even more difficult. 

"This is me trying to give back," he told PEOPLE. Through the new product he co-founded, he is giving everyone a simple solution to weight loss problems. The way that people think about food is what puts them in a difficult situation. 

"People with weight problems should completely break up with food. Divorce food if you must," Jackson emphasized. 

Negative comments may have fueled his desire to change for the better, but Jackson believes that keeping a positive outlook in life will help people achieve their weight loss goals. Everyone has got to start somewhere. 

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