Royal Idiot: Prince Andrew's Cousin Explains Why Duke of York Couldn't Be a Pedophile

Prince Andrew has been in hot water for the last three months because of his association with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. His lack of remorse for the actions of Epstein or sympathy to his victims has put him in an even worse situation. 

Stupid But Not a Pedophile

Despite the allegations, the scandal-scarred royal has found an ally in his second cousin. Christina Oxenberg insisted that the Duke of York is not a pedophile.

"He did idiotic things. But he's not a pedophile," Oxenberg emphasized.

Oxenberg told FOX News that the disgraced prince should not be pressured to talk to the FBI about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. The late sex offender was a pedophile, but that does not make the royal a pedophile, too.

The cousin of the Duke of York has tried to defend him more by saying that the disgraced royal may have done stupid things in the past, but he is definitely not a pedophile. Further, Christina said that his cousin Andrew could not even organize a simple dinner party, let alone a sex trafficking ring. 

"Forgive me, my sweet cousin Andrew, but the dude couldn't organize a dinner party, let alone a sex-trafficking ring. Andrew is not a mastermind sex-trafficking ring organizer," Oxenberg added before saying she is sure that her cousin is "filled with regret and remorse" for the scandal he has sparked.

The Duke of York also loves his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, which is why "he doesn't want to bring her any grief."

Just Another Victim

Christina Oxenberg is the sister of actress Catherine Oxenberg. She is the second cousin of Prince Andrew.

She maintained that Andrew was a victim just like all the others. He was specifically targeted by Jeffrey Epstein to give himself credibility.

Oxenberg added that through the help of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein was able to achieve his goal of making the royal a "contact" of some sort. 

"Andrew was not aware that his position as a member of the royal family and the prominence that came with it was used by Epstein to his advantage," the New York-born Oxenberg furthered.

"Jeffrey Epstein was a pervert and Ghislaine was the enable of the pervert."

Oxenberg considers the two (Epstein and Maxwell) as the real problems in this scandal. The media heiress, Maxwell, has been in hiding since the FBI refocused their investigation to look into how she was involved in the illegal activities of Epstein.

"The only thing that the FBI needs to know from Andrew is how and where they could find Ghislaine Maxwell," Oxenberg said. "That's the only thing they need from him."

Oxenberg then admitted to knowing both Epstein and Maxwell and described Ghislaine as a "raving nut job" on the few times that she encountered her. 

In a direct message to his cousin, Oxenberg told Andrew that his friend Maxwell used and betrayed him. "Now, it is time to give her up."

Christina also emphasized that she has already cooperated with the FBI and told them everything she knew about the two.

Prince Andrew took a step back from his royal duties in November following his interview where he tried to justify his links with the deceased billionaire pedophile. A week later, the accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre gave her tell-all interview with BBC News and claimed that she was forced to have sexual relations with the royal when she was only 17 years old.

Meanwhile, the Buckingham Palace has vehemently denied all allegations raised against Prince Andrew. 

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