It looks like Zendaya found herself a real-life love interest to start the decade. 

Zendaya and her "Euphoria" co-star Jacob Elordi have spoken in the past how close they are, stressing that they are just friends amid their recent dating rumors.

On Monday, however, a sweet moment of the two has surfaced online, and it does not exactly look like they are just friends. 

Zendaya and Elordi were photographed in SoHo sitting on a bench.

The actress wore a tan coat and gray pinstriped pants, whose head is bent down looking at her phone. Elordi, on the other hand, wore a New York baseball cap and all-black outfit and looked to be pressing his lips on the crown of Zendaya's head. 

Was it a kiss or was he just whispering things into her hair? 

A witness said that the actress seemed to really enjoy being with him. 

"At one point, he reached over and kissed her on the forehead. She had a big smile on her face and was very comfortable with them," according to E! News.

The source continued that both actors walk "in sync and looked happy together" that Zendaya could not help but break into a "big smile" from time to time. 

At the end of their date, Elordi hailed a cab for them and got the door for Rue -- the character Zendaya is playing in "Euphoria."

Other photos of the duo show that how they goofed around each other, took silly selfies and laughed with each other. 

It All Started in Greece

"The Greatest Showman" actress and the 22-year-old actor's dating rumors started when the two were spotted together in Greece last August. 

Despite not having any photos of them shared on their respective social media accounts, fans spotted them in the back of other vacationers' photographs. 

In one of the photos posted, Zendaya and Elordi can be seen walking together while visiting the Acropolis of Athens.The photos started to raise the fans' eyebrows, as the co-stars do not appear to be on the trip with their other "Euphoria" co-stars.

In October, they were spotted again, this time outside a movie theatre in Los Angeles. According to an Us Weekly source, "it was just the two of them out together."

The two were also reported to be hanging out in Australia after the GQ Men of the Year Awards.

During Thanksgiving, reports also circulated that Zendaya has already met with Elordi's family during a vacation in his home country of Australia. 

There were even fans who spotted Zendaya strolling with Elordi's parents. 

Are They dating?

Zendaya shut down the dating rumors last week when she attended the American Australian Association Arts Awards with the actor. While presenting the award to him, he called Elordi her "best friend."   

That time, according to The Daily Mail, Elordi was seen touching Zendaya's arm and standing over her table, though it is not known if they were seated together. 

Similarly, in a GQ interview published in December, the Australian-born actor said that "She's like my sister. Zendaya is an amazingly creative, you know? She's super dope to work with. She's an incredible artist and a very caring person to all of us." 

He also highlighted that he is close with Zendaya, just like with the rest of his "Euphoria" co-stars: "There is not one weak link in that show. We've spent so much time together, and everyone is just so cool to work with."

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