Despite being nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award in the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAs), Brad Pitt decided to ditch the awards show.

However, while some might think that it was an arrogant move by Pitt, his reason is actually valid and heartwarming.

Pitt originally planned to go to the event, but he had to pull out at the last minute because of "family obligations." Now, according to The Sun, the 56-year-old actor skipped the event to spend time with his eldest son, Maddox. 

"Maddox gave Brad the chance to talk, and he dropped everything. Being a father is the most important thing in his life, and he would do anything to repair their relationship," a source close to Pitt told the publication, 

Multiple reports have claimed that the teen has not been open to reconciling with his dad, so it would only make sense that Pitt would seize the chance he was given.

"Maddox has been away at university, so when Brad found out he was going to be around and they could have a conversation, he canceled the UK trip," the insider said. 

Not In Good Terms With Pitt

The 18-year-old left last year to go to college in South Korea. He is studying biochemistry at Yonsei University. In the fall of 2019, several local reporters asked if his A-list dad planned on visiting him. 

Maddox then answered, "I don't know about that or what's happening." He also told reporters: "Well, whatever happens, happens."

In 2016, it was reported that Pitt "lunged at his son Maddox when he tried to defend his mom on their private jet," which started their rift. 

According to a TMZ report at the time, Brad started arguing with Angelina Jolie when they were mid-air, and when Maddox jumped up to defend her, Pitt allegedly lunged at his son. 

The publication further claimed that Jolie jumped in between them to block her husband, but it was not clear what led to the incident or if it was even intentional. 

As the plane touched down, according to The Sun, Pitt continued his rant at the then 15-year-old Maddox who was trying to leave the aircraft.

The Mirror believed that the alleged incident on the plane was the tipping point for Jolie to call off their 12-year-relationship because the following day, she split from Pitt. 

However, a close to the couple told Mirror Celebs that the claims were "exaggerated and fabricated."

"It's unfortunate for the whole family that people are insisting on continuing this endless smear campaign against Brad that hurts everyone," the source revealed.

Another source told the paper that the FBI investigated the claims as a "jurisdictional issue" due to the alleged incident taking place in the air. However, Pitt "cooperated fully."

Pitt Wins, Makes BAFTAs Laugh

Despite his absence, Brad Pitt won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood." In hilarious Pitt fashion, he asked Margot Robbie to deliver his speech -- which sent the whole attendees into laughter.

The highligh of his speech (thanks to Margot) is when he poked fun at the U.K. and the royal family, particularly after the controversial Megxit. In fact, he even wrote in his speech that he will name his trophy "Harry" (after Prince Harry) and that he cannot wait to bring it to the U.S.

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