Justin Bieber, Quavo Spark MASSIVE Heartwarming Movement With New Music Video


Justin Bieber collaborated with rapper Quavo in an effort that sparked a massive moment that continues to benefit an important but often overlooked sector.

J-Beebs is out to show that he is more purposeful in his music career by doing a charitable work.

Raising Awareness on Tough Issue

In the latest music video "Intentions," Justin and Quavo shed light into the circumstances surrounding a group of homeless women in Los Angeles. The women are currently living at Alexandria House, which is a shelter for women without a home to live in.

Some of the women who sought shelter at the Alexandria House also have kids.

The "Intentions" music video wrapped up with a link that viewers can go to for donations. Bieber and Quavo have encouraged their fans to support the charitable work through donations.

The two further announced that they co-donated $200,000 for the non-profit homeless shelter for women in support of the women and their dreams.

Charity Receives Overwhelming Support

For years, these women found themselves in the toughest situations with no one to help them. They have been each other's support even when each of them have been helpless.  Alexandria House provided homeless women with a safe and supportive shelter while helping them secure permanent housing for themselves.

However, with the support of the superstars, the non-profit shelter has already amassed overwhelming support. The Alexandria House website has seen an 800% influx in traffic since the video dropped. Further, in just a few hours since the music video dropped, the charity already raked in over $10,000 from donors who watched "Intentions."

Alexandria House founding director Judith Vaughan expressed gratitude to Justin and Quavo for turning the spotlight on this issue. She revealed how it is important to spread awareness on the plight of homeless women, especially since these are single women who have nowhere else to turn to.

Every Penny Counts, Literally!

It was revealed by the organization that donations have been received from all over the world, not just the country. Some donations even came from China and other less privileged countries.

Donations in the $1 and $5 range were said to be plenty. Few have been larger donations in the $1,000 and $5,000 range. However, it is mostly humanity donating what they can afford.

Where Donations Will Go

Justin and Quavo revealed that the donations are needed mostly for the women with kids. There are those who cannot even afford the tuition of their children, so most of the funds will go to the education of the children.

To allow the homeless mothers to seek work, a portion of the donations will also be used to pay for afterschool programs of the kids. The rest of the percentage of donations will be used to buy textbooks and on car repairs.

There are currently 30 women who reside at the L.A. shelter. Moreover, about 200 women who previously lived in the shelter will also receive help through the money donated by Bieber, Quavo and other donors worldwide. The women who have already purchased new homes will receive help to furnish their houses.

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