​It surprised fans when Jennifer Aniston reportedly snubbed Brad Pitt and talked to Jon Hamm instead during an Oscars after-party. However, an expert has claimed that the actress only wanted to make her ex-husband jealous.

After the 92nd Academy Awards, Jen and Brad attended the same Oscars bash where a source confirmed to The Sun that the actress only said a quick hi to Brad before shifting her attention to the "Mad Men" star.

"I saw her go over to Brad and say a quick hi to him - then she spent a lot of time chatting to Jon," the source divulged. "They were talking for ages and seemed to know each other really well. Everyone noticed."

After the news came out, fans thought that the 51-year-old "Friends" actress simply disregarded the 56-year-old "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor -- perhaps not wanting to create more issue. However, relationship expert Lara Asprey believes that it was Jen's attempt to make Brad jealous.

How Asprey Assessed Jen, Brad

According to the relationship expert, per Express U.K.,, she knew that the interaction between Jon and Jen was only the actress' way to let Brad know that she was having a great time with someone else.

"When your ex is Brad Pitt, it's hard for him to get jealous because he's Brad Pitt, but Jen is also beautiful, and I think she probably was a little bit," Asprey said. 

The expert theorized that saying only hi to the "Ad Astra" star would make him curious to whom she would be having a longer conversations with.

Asprey went on and compared Jon and Jen's conversation to girls having a night out and giggling after they see a cute guy.

"I get the feeling that's the impression she was keen to give off, that she was having a great time, and she wanted Brad to know it," she concluded.

Since Brad was seen "affectionately" watching Jenn as she delivered her acceptance speech during the 26th annual Screen Actors Guilds Awards, he may have noticed how Jen spent a lot of time with Jon during the after-party.

Their fans have been shipping the two together again since Brad has been separated (and amid a divorce) with Angelina Jolie. However, Jen previously rejected the idea of the two getting back together during the SAG's red carpet, leaving their fans hopeless over the potential reunion.

Brad Pitt's Warning to John Mayer?

After the news about Jen snubbing Brad, another gossip surfaced claiming that John Mayer is involved in a potential love triangle.

The alleged insider told NW that Mayer is trying to win Jen because he just cannot afford seeing her again with Brad.

"John panicked when he realized things were serious between Jen and Brad, and convinced himself that she was his one that got away," the source said. "So in true John fashion, he engineered an innocent catch-up between them to gauge where she's at with Brad."

After the reports reached Brad, he allegedly told Mayer to back off since he is well-known as a "ladies' man."

But before the false stories conquer the social media again, Gossip Cop clarified that the reports made by NW about the dramatic love triangle are totally not true.

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