Royal Stewardess: Is Meghan Markle Now Working as Flight Attendant After 'Megxit'?


While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now enjoying their private and independent life in Canada, could it be possible for the Duchess of Sussex to moonlight as a flight attendant to fund their newfound life?

This suspicion arises after passengers of JetBlue airline would often mistake an air hostess to be Meghan Markle in disguise as a stewardess.

Meet Christine Mathis, the flight attendant from the USA who is the spitting image of Meghan Markle. In fact, she could even pass as her double.

In an interview with The Sun, the 32-year-old air hostess said that she began receiving comparisons to Meghan when the actress first appeared in the legal drama series "Suits" in 2011.

"I started getting mistaken for Meghan years ago when I worked in first class. Passengers would stop me and say I looked like 'that girl from Suits,'" Christine said.

It turns out that the stewardess initially did not know who Meghan is, which is why when people kept mentioning about the actress from "Suits," Christine decided to do her research.

"I googled Meghan, and it was really flattering. She's stunning, so it's definitely a compliment," Christine said.

"I do see the resemblance. Meghan and I are both mixed-race - my dad is African-American and Italian, and her mum is African-American."

People who would give Christine a second look increased when the former actress got engaged to Prince Harry in 2017 and more when they got married in May 2018.

Even airport security was so convinced that she is Meghan in a flight attendant costume. She recalled an incident where security had to check her passport to prove that she is not Markle.

Christine also shared an incident when she had her mole removed and the dermatologist was so convinced that she is Meghan under a fake name.

"Passengers always tell me I look like her and say to me, 'You're married to a prince, why are you working as an air hostess?'" Chrstine added.

Christine's only difference with Meghan is that she is already a mom to three beautiful girls, and her husband is a warehouse supervisor -- not a prince.

Aside from juggling the role of a mom, wife and flight attendant, Christine is also a YouTube vlogger and entrepreneur rolled into one.

The JetBlue airline hostess now makes money out of being Meghan's lookalike.

"I want to do corporate and TV work, but my absolute dream would be to play Meghan in a movie about her," she said.

In an Instagram post, Christine spoke about her newfound fame, which she described as something she has to endure quite often.

"It's quite flattering to say the least and can be overwhelming. I never said I look exactly like her but I can see the resemblance," Christine wrote alongside a screenshot of a news item comparing her to the Duchess.

Knowing that Meghan receives backlash from haters, Christine also wished her rise to fame would spread positivity, instead of hate.

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