"Lord of the Rings" actor Orlando Bloom honored his son Flynn with a stylish new tattoo last week.

Bloom, who shares the nine-year-old with his ex-wife and former Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, took to Instagram last week to unveil his latest piece of body art from tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi.

Fans were initially confused about what the seemingly random combination of dots, dashes and lines meant.


But teasing his followers about the meaning of the design, which also features Flynn's date and time of birth, the star captioned the picture, "New #tattoo can you guess who?"

However, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that the tattoo, which is a Morse code of his son's name, was missing a crucial dot. The name, which was supposed to read "Flynn," was made "Frynn."

One person commented on the pic, "If the Morse code is supposed to spell out Flynn, then there is a mistake." However, on Wednesday, Bloom revealed a corrected version of the tattoo he got in honor of his son.

He captioned the photo, "Finally dot it right! How do you make a mistake like that? #pinterestfail (read the small print.)"

The snap shows a new and improved ink along with a new unique tattoo tribute to his late dog, Sidi. The other tattoo was in memory of his dog who passed away in 2016 after a long struggle with liver disease.

"Fortunately, I know how to spell Sidi. Forever my boy," the 43-year-old actor ended the caption.

The tattoo artist also shared an image of the amended tattoo, writing: "Round 2 with @Orlando Bloom. We added the missing dot to the morse code, and did a small one in memory of Sidi, his dog and conclusion: never fully trust what your clients find on Pinterest and life is officially back to normal."

Bloomin' With Katy

On other news, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry announced their engagement last year following an on-and-off relationship spanning for more than two years.

Revealing to Jimmy Kimmel, the "Hot and Cold" singer said that her boyfriend proposed to her on Valentine's Day 2019.

"We went to dinner, and I thought we were going to go see some art after dinner, but we pulled up to a helicopter," Perry shared.

The ring is reportedly 4.5 karats and had an estimated retail value of $5 million.

A source close to the couple told People Magazine, "Orlando had planned this for a while. He wanted it all to be special."

Last December, Perry and Bloom postponed their wedding. According to Us Weekly, the couple -- who initially planned for a December 2019 wedding -- decided to re-schedule their nuptials in order to get the location that they want.

The Us Weekly source also said that the couple is planning to have two ceremonies in two different locations. One local wedding party and the other will be a destination wedding party.

Perry reportedly has "grand ideas" of where and how she wants things to be.

Despite the couple postponing their wedding twice, the source close to the pair said that the two are "beyond in love" and are trying to finalize everything soon because "they are very excited about getting married."

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