Piers Morgan Slams Meghan Markle, Prince Harry for Outrageous DISRESPECT of the Queen


Piers Morgan unleashed another scathing attack on Prince Harry and Meghan, calling the royal couple out for what he said was a blatant disrespect to the Queen.

Morgan, who was never a fan of the Sussexes, launched his latest criticism after Meghan and Harry released a lengthy "transition out of frontline royal life message" on their website. The said transition will start in the Spring of 2020 once they finally leave the monarchy.

One of the lines read: "While there is not any jurisdiction by The Monarchy or Cabinet Office over the use of the word 'Royal' overseas, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not intend to use 'Sussex Royal' or any iteration of the word 'Royal' in any territory (either within the UK or otherwise) when the transition occurs Spring 2020."

The part highlighted that Queen Elizabeth II does not have the power to prevent them from using the "Royal" word if they are staying overseas. Although it is worth noting that they emphasized they have no plans using the word in their branding anymore.

Because of this, Morgan criticized the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their "staggering disrespect" to Her Royal Highness.

Responding to the statement, the 54-year-old English Broadcaster retweeted a news clip regarding the Sussexes' complaint along with his opinion.

"The staggering disrespect these two keep showing to the Queen is outrageous. Who the hell do they think they are?" Morgan wrote.

Morgan has been known to be a loyal supporter of the Queen and the monarchy, and he has been "protecting" them from Prince Harry and Meghan who keep on shaming the royal family.

Aside from the journalist, royal author Richard Fitzwilliams talked to The Sun Online and shared that he also believed that that the Sussexes were unhappy with the decision and arrangement.

"It may lead to future trouble, they don't lie the arrangement that is forcing them to step down as working royals and not use their titles, even though they will have them," Fitzwilliams said.

The royal author added that it was senseless to mention that they want to continue using the Sussex Royal brand then give off a warning that the monarchy cannot stop them from doing what they want.

After the news stormed the internet, netizens also could not help but share their opinions, as well.

Fans React

After the tweet went viral, mixed comments appeared on Morgan's Twitter account -- with some royal watchers supporting Morgan and Queen Elizabeth II, and the others showing their approval for Meg and Harry.

One user wrote, "LEAVE THEM ALONE, FFS, Piers!!!!!! Seriously, just give it a rest mate!!!! And I don't want to hear from you again on this with any reason/excuse!!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!"

Morgan responded to the comment and called the user a "clueless, sycophantic clown" for not knowing how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex bravely challenged the authority of Queen Elizabeth II as the current reigning monarch.

Another user said, "They think they're special. It angers me more than anything to see what this marriage has clearly done to Harry's relationship with his brother."

"She's had the most devastating impact on a British institution since Yoko Ono," one fan added, referring to the former member of the Japanese royal family who married John Lennon and allegedly caused the breakup of "The Beatles."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may leave the monarchy soon. However, it sure seems they still cannot get an assurance that they will get the peaceful lives they want after.

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