Fans could not help but gush over Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' ridiculously sweet snaps over social media. These two were not afraid to show a little PDA and how they are obsessed with each other. 

Although the young couple may seem like a match made in heaven, the "Queen of the North" revealed that before she met her now-husband, she was convinced that he was a total d%$ given the fact that he is THE Joe Jonas. 

In her interview for Elle Magazine's April 2020 issue, the much-lauded "Game of Thrones" star recalled the beginning of their whirlwind romance. 

What Sophie Thought of Joe

Sophie shared that she met Joe in 2016 through his agent. Joe's agent played cupid as he saw the potential between Sophie and the Jonas Brothers member. 

Not long after that, the musician slid into Sophie's DMs and invited her to go out. Since it was the height of the pop band's fame, the "Dark Phoenix" star thought he might bring his whole entourage -- with all the security and such. 

"I expected him to show up with security and everything," Sophie recalled. "I thought, 'He's gonna be such a dick.' I brought all my guy friends to come with me to meet him because in the back of my mind I still worried that he could be a catfish-or I don't know what."

However, it turns out to be the total opposite. Joe Jonas came to the local dive bar in Camden, London with only one companion and no bodyguards. 

"He brought a friend, and they drank just as hard as the rest of us. I remember the two of us spending only a couple of minutes on the dance floor, and then we just found a space far in the corner and we just talked. We talked for hours, and hours, and hours. And I was, like, not bored. It wasn't contrived. It wasn't small talk-it was just so easy. And soon we were, like, inseparable. I went on tour with him," the actress added. 

Not a Jonas Brother Fan

The 24-year-old actress also admited that she was never a fan of Jonas Brothers. In fact, she hated the band and blamed them for being the culprit why her favorite band, Busted, broke up. 

It turns out, Jonas Brothers revived Busted's 2002 single "Year 3000" and made it massive. After that, the U.K. based group confirmed their split in 2005. 

Way Above Her League

As Jonas Brothers increased their popularity, Sophie admitted that she thought the 30-year-old singer was way above her league. 

The equally famous actress cannot believe that she is with someone "so handsome, talented, funny and charismatic" as his husband. A total package, right?

The two first married in Las Vegas in May 2019, followed by a much grander wedding in France in June the same year. 

A year later, it was reported that Turner is pregnant and is expecting their first child.

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