Are Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan hooking up before Weber reconciled with Madison Prewett? This is the burning question haunting the many fans of Bachelor Nation since the show's live finale. 

Naturally, none of the affected parties are daring to speak up. The rumor mills are hard at work because neither Peter nor Kelley wants to address the question. But here comes Reality Steve with some information about the real score between the two. Steve claimed that this information was from someone close to the situation.

According to Steve, he's shocked on the  outcome of the show. He explained that several outcomes were possible but the outcome that was shown truly shocked him. He said that there were other girls who are part of the picture, yet was not mentioned.

Reality Steve then claimed that the rumors of Peter having spent the Super Bowl weekend with Kelley can no longer be ruled out. 

With Madi and Peter looking so in love at the  moment, it remains to be seen if Reality Steve's "inside scoop" can have an impact on the two's relationship.

ABC's reality chief Rob Mills however told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday that when the time is right, the Bachelor team will be taking with the couple to see how they are truly doing. The live finale has put a strain on them so they need to rest.

He also added that Peter and Madison are, at present, still trying to figure out their way. 

"Peter and Madison are trying to figure their way out and what's next for them, and I think that answering a million questions right now when they haven't had the time to ask those questions of themselves would have been really difficult and kind of a gauntlet," says Mills.

One person though who is quite supportive of the idea Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan dating is Peter's mom. She said first and foremost, Kelley is her favorite. Second, she does not like Madison at all. 

While her dislike of Madison was already made clear when the first part of two-part finale aired, it is not clear why Kelley could be her favorite

Instead, after she told Peter that Madison is not is not there for him, she. said the right person is Hannah Ann. "Hannah Ann loves you with all of her heart. Don't let her go. Don't let her go. Bring her home. Bring her home to us," she said.

If Kelley is truly is her fave, one can only wonder why she chose Hannah instead. Was she just making some cute statements for the television? Does she know the real score between Peter and Kelley?

During the Women's Tell All, Barb claimed she is all about Hannah Ann because she felt embraced by love with Hannah. Allegedly, Hannah was so organic and loving, up until they met Madison.

Suffice to say, the drama is still as intense as the Hannah Brown's time.