Kate Middleton Spotted With Three Children Out and About Doing 'Ordinary' Things

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is just like any other mother after all! Not that people do not think she's hands-on or caring mother at all; but for those who have seen her out shopping with all three of her children last Sunday, she's the epitome of the ideal mom.

When people think of royal moms, one image imprinted on their minds is someone who dotes on her children in front of the camera while letting nannies and assistants take over the mommy duties when out of the limelight. Unsightly as that may seem, this is not an exaggeration. However, the Duchess of Cambridge proved this image wrong.

On Sunday morning, she and her entire brood were seen out shopping. They made such a cute sight and had other shoppers in shock. They could not believe that they are within distance of Kate Middleton, Prince George, 6 Princess Charlotte, 4 and Prince Louis, 1.

One of those who spotted them was Kate carter of Ugly Duckling Creations and according to her, it was a pleasant, albeit a bit surprising at first, experience. "She was with the children, and she looked lovely. She is absolutely beautiful, and the children were beautiful. They were so well behaved," Kate told HELLO!.

Kate found the whole thing surreal. She explained: "I noticed Charlotte first as she had the beautiful green jacket on that she wore at Christmas. Then I saw Kate, who had Louis in her arms and I thought 'Am I the only one seeing this?' I couldn't believe it was happening." The Cambridges were looking at the clothes in the store, and Charlotte had her eye on some dresses." Kate added, "She was just having a little bit of a walk around. They were looking at the clothes when I saw them. Charlotte was looking at the dresses, she was dead cute." 

Sounds like a picture-perfect family. Children shopping for clothes and not getting bored  and angsty can actually be real after all! 

This is naturally, the first and only proof that Middleton is very hands-on with her children. She knows her children's likes and dislikes, as revealed in her interviews. One cannot say that for all parents, after all.

In an interview from her Ireland tour, Middleton revealed that Charlotte is a very active girl who particularly enjoys gymnastics. The middle child can do amazing cartwheels, handstands, and all sorts of movements requiring balance and coordination. The proud mom also shared that her baby girl loves horses and started to ride them when she was barely 2-years-old! 

In a podcast she did some time in the past, Middleton also revealed that she takes her children outdoors a lot. 

It  can also be remembered how she gushed over a photo of Charlotte smelling a bluebell while promoting her podcast. According to her, in moments like that can she truly see her value as a parent.

According to Mail Online, Kate Middleton often also have her two eldest children with her when she's cooking. And then, they all have a swell time making some cheesy pasta. 

Hands down, Middleton got this motherhood thing down pat. 

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