Creepy! Ariana Grande Followed By Obsessed Fan to Her House!

Ariana Grande

Being rich, famous, and beautiful can be both a blessing and a curse. Blessing as you have nothing to worry about in terms of financial and security. Blessing as tons of people admire whatever you do, so you will have the opportunity to influence people to do good. Blessing as the younger generation will look up to you and be inspired by your success story. 

However, fame can also be a curse as some obsessed fans think that they own you and have control over your life. Some supporters do not understand that you also need some personal space and privacy in life. And worse, some fans think that it is okay to follow you anywhere due to admiration.

Just like what recently happened to pop singer Ariana Grande, whose obsessed fan paid a visit right into her house. 

According to reports, the obsessed fan of the 26-year-old singer showed up in her front door and came looking for Ariana as if they were close friends. 

A member of the law enforcement told TMZ that the man who looks like in his 20s went straight to Ariana's Los Angeles home on a Saturday afternoon, and even knocked on the door at around 2 PM. 

It is not clear how the stalker was able to get past the security before going straight to Ariana's mansion, but they were quick to call the cops upon awareness of the presence of the fan.

Arian's property manager was also quick to respond and told the stalker that the "Thank You, Next" hitmaker is not home. 

Love Note For Ariana

When the officers responded to the scene, they immediately arrested the obsessed fan who resisted his arrest and allegedly spit on one of the cops. 

The officers discovered that the man carries a love letter for Ariana, which details the direction of going to her house. 

The arresting offices immediately brought the stalker to the station and booked him for a misdemeanor and trespassing charges. The fan is also facing felony battery charges for the alleged spitting against one officer. 

As of writing, the "God Is A Woman" singer has yet to comment on the said obsessed fan incident.

Prone to Pranksters

The creepy stalker incident came just two weeks after TMZ reported that Ariana was victimized by a hoax 911 call calling for her Los Angeles Home. 

The emergency hotline received a report that a shooting or firing or guns are happening at the pop star's house.

At first, the cops were skeptical about investigating the anonymous tip since Ariana has been a swatting victim in the past. But they still sent a team in her residence and quickly assured by the property manager that nothing like that happened. 

Swatting is a term referring to the scheme of faking 911 calls to send a response team to another person's address.

It is not the first time that hoax callers targeted high profile celebrities. In the past, A-listers like Tom Cruise, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Justin Bieber Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez were also victimized by hoax callers. 

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