Struggle Is Real: LeBron James Thinks He's Like Tom Hanks After 14 Days In Quarantine

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, basketball superstar Lebron James speaks of his challenges to be quarantined at home. The struggle is real for the Los Angeles Lakers forward considering he is used to being out and about the whole day.

A Peek Into The James Household

In an Instagram post, the basketball player gave his followers a glimpse of what life is like at the Lebron James household. Briefly, he showed what his wife Savannah was doing with a pair of scissors.

The NBA superstar said that the self-isolation and community quarantine has kept him from getting a real haircut. Without a barber, he is stuck at home and looking like Tom Hanks from his movie "Cast Away."

Fortunately, his wife was willing to step in to help him get the haircut of his liking.


James has always been open about his life to his fans through social media. In fact, he remains to be one of the most followed because of the vibrant nature of his profile, especially on Instagram. Put simply, he provides high-quality content to his followers.

And because the NBA has decided to suspend the rest of the games slated this 2019-20 season, it looks like LeBron had no choice but to be at home and deal with his "struggles."

An Athlete's Life Amid The Corona

Prior to the cancellation of the games this season, the Lakers' forward did not support the idea of pushing through with the games in the absence of fans in the arena. However, afte gaining more knowledge of the epidemic, LeBron quickly changed his mind and said that the health and safety of the public should always come as a priority.

The NBA is waiting for government recommendations as to when the games can resume. However, with the global pandemic getting worse, there is a huge possibility that the rest of the regular season would simply be canceled.

That would be a total bummer, but it would be best for both the fans and the players to stay at home. The Lakers were on the top spot of the Western Conference, and it looks like Lebron was gearing up for what can be considered his best season yet.

However, amid the coronavirus pandemic, athletes and their fans will have to do with what they can at home. The spread of the virus is heightened through social interaction. The authorities strongly recommend that people practice social distancing to keep the virus from transferring from one host to another.

Until when will the community quarantine be up? When can people get back to doing what they normally do? Even LeBron James speaks of the quarantine as if it were punishment to just be at home.

The health authorities could not say when. At the moment, every one of them is busy attending to those who have already tested positive. They remain hopeful that there would be more recoveries then deaths.

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